Cherry blossom season in Toronto is well on its way and according to the latest updates from the city’s local expert Sakura Steve, High Park’s peak bloom is just a few days away.

“The cherry trees have progressed so well that we will finally see the peak bloom start in a few days,” he said in his most recent update on April 26.

Most of the cherry blossoms have now reached stage 4 of their development, with the deep pink tips visibly emerging.

There were also clear signs that a few trees have entered stage 5, which is the last step before an open blossom and will be the first ones to share their gifts this season, said Sakura Steve.

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At this final stage, the blossoms are the most vulnerable to damage as a result of sudden frost or cold weather. However, our forecast is looking very promising over the next several weeks with nothing but double-digits and plenty of sunshine.

“The peak bloom, where about 70% of the blossoms are open, will likely start the first week of May, around May 4,” Sakura Steve predicts.

As an extra bit of good news, The City of Toronto announced recently that we will get to see High Park’s cherry blossoms “up close and in person” this spring.


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The Sakura groves were fenced off to prevent crowds for the past two springs. This time around, all will be invited back to the park to enjoy the trees in all of their glory, as well as at the 14 other cherry blossom locations around the city.

It’s only a matter of time before High Park fills with its usual crowd of Sakura grove spectators, but thankfully, there are plenty of quieter and lesser-known spots to enjoy pink petals this time of year.