It’s an open secret that Montreal has got some serious money in the city, and has for quite some time. But, this amazing mansion in the heart of the city goes above and beyond in the luxury department. Naturally, we need to check it out.

montreal mansion

Built back in 1913, the original owner of the home was J.W. McConnell, who is hailed as one of Canada’s greatest philanthropists. What’s more, it was designed by the same guy who did work for the Vanderbilt, Eaton, and Rockefeller families.

rec room

So, our expectations were high. But, we couldn’t have guessed that the home would be so functional, in addition to its lavish design. Read a book in the grand foyer, play ping pong in the crazy ornate rec room, or catch some rays on the rooftop patio.

Check out this insane mansion in the heart of Montreal

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And do it all in style. One nice thing about old, super-expensive homes is that they’re usually decked out in hardwood and imported stone, instead of some gaudy carpeting from the 60s. This manor is no exception and even features some nice handpainted artistic touches on the walls, ceilings, and furnishings.

montreal mansion

Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort either, since this home has been continually updated since it was built. That means no stressing out over Wi-Fi connections, geothermal heating, and nice little touches of modern life, like the bar downstairs.


Finally, you’ve got space to play outside, since the property sits on some 2 acres of landscaped gardens. That’s right, you can actually recreate those scenes where a bunch of suitors show up to your door, and one by one you stroll through the garden to choose your favourite. As for us? That’s easy, we’re going to look for bugs.

montreal mansion

To check out this amazing mansion in Montreal, listed for $29.9M, just click here!