Weather-wise – our city has been incredibly lucky this year. In fact, it almost feels like we have all four defined seasons… but it’s only a matter of time. In Alberta, that wretched white stuff is inevitable, but how much longer do we have to enjoy dry leaves and larch trees? Here’s when we can expect the first snowfall in Calgary!

Now, as we’re sure everyone has noticed in their adulthood, the forecast can vary based on where you look – but according to Accuweather’s long-term report, this is what we learnt.

The good news is, that those who are hoping to really soak up the sun will likely have most of this month to do so. Go out, hit your pumpkin patches, check out our many local corn mazes – but bring a jacket! While there won’t be any snow on the ground we will see temperatures dip, well under this month’s high of 15°C.

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Photo Via Accuweather

The bad news is that we probably won’t make it out of October without at least seeing a snow shower or two.

Snow showers, which are not to be confused with just straight snow, are described as being “steady but light snow that comes and goes in intervals.”

In this case, though we will be able to see some flakes they’ll probably melt before it gets the chance to gather on the ground – we can expect these around Tuesday, October 26th. It is worth noting, however, that if you were to open your iPhone’s weather App right now (October 7th), you’d see that we can also expect snow showers as early as this long weekend Monday, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed as long as you do the same!

The real snow, though – well we will probably see that in the first week of November, around the 5th or 6th.


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After that, Accuweather shows light snow at least once a week with sunnier periods in between.

This obviously could change in an instant, but that’s where we’re at right now.

Alberta weather is notoriously unpredictable – so let’s just hope for the best and spend as much time outdoors as we can, while we can.

If you’d like to see the full report, you can visit this site here and take a scroll – but remember to check back! Who knows what could happen!