The warmer weather has finally rolled in, so it was only a matter of time until our beloved two-wheelers did the same. After a long harsh winter and a pretty gloomy springtime, E-scooters have returned to Calgary this time with a few changes to the system. Here’s a rundown of what to expect in 2021.

First things first! Lime and Roll? Well, despite their popularity, these two companies will not be a part of this year’s rollout.

This year, the city has decided to only award two companies permits to operate within YYC, with the familiar brand Bird being one of them. The other? A new to Canada micro-mobility corp. known as Neuron.

These scooters will be extremely hard to miss anywhere at any time of day thanks to their bright orange finish – which is perfect for those who struggle to try to find a scoot after dark.

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Another new edition that will be tough to miss? Brand new identification numbers, which will act as a license plate of sorts for each scooter.

By adding highly visible unique numbers onto each vehicle, all of you hooligans who endanger your selves or others may now be held accountable, making the streets a little safer for everyone.

In addition to this, the city will only be releasing 1,500 vehicles onto the streets this year but will allow them to be driven on quieter roadways like 13th Avenue.

E-scooters will also be allowed in bicycle lanes and pathways, temporary adaptive lanes, and sidewalks – as long as they’re not busy.

Much like last year, please note that scooters are not cleaned after each use so it is recommended that if you do take either a Neuron or Bird for a whip, that you wipe it down beforehand; and as always, be safe, be smart and be mindful! It’s going to be a good one, YYC!