Listen up parks of BC, because we’re simple people. If you give us reason to write about a toad road, then we’re jumping on the opportunity. So, it’s only natural that we talk about Lost Lake, which cut off vehicle access over the weekend. Here’s the scoop!

Turns out, Lost Lake and the surrounding area is a perfect spot for Western Toads to live their lives. Every year, thousands of Western ‘toadlets’ emerge from the lake and make the journey into the forest. And, since the little guys are about the size of a dime, vehicle traffic would be a nightmare.

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So, the access road to the popular lake outside of Whistler has been closed to both cars and pedestrians. However, the lake can still be accessed via a couple of different trails, either by bike or on foot. There’s also a shuttle that services Lost Lake, and drops you off some 400m away from the lake. So you’re not completely out of luck, but you’ll need to be prepared for a quick walk.

Of course, a major payoff here is the ability to try and see the little guys while they’re making their way in this big old crazy world. Just make sure you’re stepping carefully, and you’re in for an afternoon of toad-related wonder.

Who doesn’t want that?