As if you needed another reason to hop on your two-wheeler, have a brew with the crew or sink your teeth into some sweet Alberta meat, the Beltline has kicked off a new initiative to get Calgarians supporting local and treating themselves to something delicious while also breathing in some fresh air. Friends – meet Bikes, Beers and Burgers!

in an effort to bring more people to the vibrant neighbourhood, The BLOX has organized a weekly challenge where people can take a ride, grab curbside pickup from one of their participating restaurants and then get entered to win a weekly draw for prizes!

So how exactly does this work? Well, it’s actually pretty simple!

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In order to snag some of their swag, all you have to do is keep an eye on their Instagram to see what the eateries of the week are. Then, once you know who they’ve chosen to participate, check out their website for their official map, bike the BLOX and grab curbside pickup from those listed!

Each order will actually come with a digital token for you to submit using their official form – which can be found here. Easy peasy!

Winners for Bikes, Beers and Burgers are announced weekly and who knows – it could be you so check it out, YYC! What do you have to lose? You were probably going to order from these guys anyways!

Enjoy and good luck!