Want to see something special today? You’ll be happy to know that the CF Snowbirds are set to do an extended flyby over the entire region! Things are set to kick off this afternoon, and we’ve got the details.

The Snowbirds, by the way, are basically a specialized ‘flight demonstration team’ within the Canadian Forces. What’s more, this is actually their 50th year in operation! This year’s flight is part of ‘Operation Inspiration’, which is partly dedicated to Canadians who are ‘doing their part’ to fight the spread of COVID. It’s also, sadly, partly dedicated to Captain Jenn Casey, who lost her life during last year’s tour.

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Anyway, the CF Snowbirds will be taking off from YVR Airport at 3PM local time. From there, they’ll be stopping at pretty much every major hospital in Metro Vancouver. There are also a couple of general destinations scheduled, including Stanley Park and the White Rock Pier. Basically, they’re going everywhere!

And, with the flyby happening at around 1,000 feet, chances are high you’ll hear them coming. If you want to see some crazy planes flying around, then today’s the day!