It’s here, folks! After weeks of promise, confusion, and anticipation, Alberta has finally launched their Alberta vaccine QR code app which will make it significantly easier for businesses to verify proof of immunization upon entry. Now, because of this and as more and more places choose to adopt Alberta’s restriction exemption program, it’s important that we all know exactly how to find, download and present our vaccine passports.

So, whether you’re going for dinner, to a concert, or are just grabbing a drink with some friends, here’s how you can get your personalized immunization QR Code!

The process is extremely simple and will only take about a minute.

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All you need to do is hop on over the government’s official website, press ‘get started’, and enter your information.

Your personal health care number, date of birth, and the month you were vaccinated are required in order to bring up your records, so have those handy beforehand.

Once you’ve entered your information, press continue, and voila!

You can now print, screenshot or save your very own QR code.

It is important to note, however, that patrons will likely need to verify this as their own, with a piece of ID as well, so don’t forget to bring this along with you next time you go out!

Now get out there and enjoy yourselves, Alberta! We told you it was going to be easy.