Despite the cool and crisp weather, the bright and colourful foliage, the palpable holiday vibe in the air, thanks to pumpkin-spiced everything, fall does bring along a perpetual sluggishness (not our fault, just how seasonal transitions work) that’s hard to get rid of unless we find ways to fight it. And we’re here to share just those with you, ‘cause treating ourselves well never seizes to be a top priority of ours.  

rootbar calgary
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Below are 6 brilliant ways to treat yourself and feel rejuvenated. And no, they aren’t all about manis-n-pedis. There’s more to life than nails. The best part is these easy-to-do recos won’t dig a deep hole in your pocket. Check’em out!

Freshen-up your hairstyle

rootbar calgary
Photos via Curiocity

If you think a fresh hairdo can’t rejuvenate the hell out of you then you’re clearly underestimating the power of a good hair day. And fall is the perfect time to get a new hairstyle or even get your roots touched up. So, we strongly suggest you hit Rootbar. With their express root touch-up service, you’ll be in and out of there within an hour. If you do have a little extra time on hand though, you might want to pamper yourself with one of their other expert services. All this while enjoying a nice cocktail or a crip rose from their bar. Don’t forget to bring your bestie if you plan to make a day of it. They’ve got a pretty awesome bestie deal.


Address: 22 Shawnee Blvd SW, Calgary, AB T2Y 0P4

Declutter your closet before revamping it

Declutter your closet before introducing it to your new and improved wardrobe. There’s a super-easy way to Marie Kondo the heck out of your closet. Segregate everything into 4 categories – put away for next season, fix (and actually do it), trash (again, do it) and donate (also, do it).

From-scratch cooking & all-the-way eating

With the many u-pick around Calgary and the numerous farmers’ markets, taking advantage of the fresh fall harvest is a piece of cake. So, don your chef’s hat, tie them aprons and get cooking. Then take your time devouring all farm-to-table deliciousness. We’re currently obsessed with Spicy Curry Pumpkin Soup, what’s yours?

Meditation & Mindfulness

There’s a reason why the many versions of meditation are garnering all this popularity. It’s because they actually work and there’s scientific proof for that too. Not only does meditation help our minds unwind and recharge, it also strengthens and prepares it to deal with emotional stress. There’re several Canadian apps to guide you through. Off the top of our head, Mindbliss and #SelfCare.

Add some plants to your interior


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Brightening up your living space with a little green plant won’t just lift your mood but also wade off the fall inertia. Plus, they make for great design elements, purify the air and do all those other nice things. You could find your perfect green buddy at Plantsome or bring your vision of the perfect plant baby with Plantsie’s build-your-bear concept.


Aromatherapy massages are the best but that’s not what we’re talking about. Of course, you can get one of those but when DIYing your way through aromatherapy, the safest way to use essential oils is by inhaling them. This can be done either with a stick, a diffuser or plain old potpourri. You can have your home smelling like fall or spring- whatever gets you going- in very less time and even lesser bucks.

We can say, from experience, that everything on the above list works. Give it a try. You’ll be nailing fall in no time at all (you can add learning to rhyme on the list too).