In the great white north, the price of a one-bedroom apartment could not be more different from city to city. As we all know, places like Vancouver and Toronto are astronomical, while homes in the Yukon or St. John’s tend to be more affordable but what about everything in between? Also, have they gotten more or less expensive since last year? Well, wonder no more, folks, because the housing site Pad Mapper just broke down the average cost of a rental apartment in each Canadian city as of April 2021.

Using the data collected from hundreds of thousands of active listings across the country, Pad Mapper was able to compare the median asking rent for the most popular metro areas in Canada.

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Photo Via Pad Mapper Canada

The biggest takeaway from their report? Well, it definitely wasn’t that Vancity and the 6 remain the most expensive, at $1,900 for a one BR on the west coast and $1,700 in the East.

What did rattle us, was that despite everything that has happened since March, ten cities actually saw prices go up.  Barrie, Oshawa, Hamilton, Montreal and St. Catharines, were among those that have gotten more expensive, while cities like Calgary, Kelowna, Burnaby and Quebec are still in line with their prices in 2019.

Luckily, for those of you who are tired of spending as much as you are on housing, there were also a couple of cities that saw prices drop in 2020. To our surprise, Victoria, Kitchener, Abbotsford, Halifax and Edmonton have actually gotten cheaper and for that, we can be thankful.

Photo Via Pad Mapper Canada

Now, you may be wondering what the cheapest city was as of April 2021. Let us tell you, the answer may be surprising. As it turns out, Quebec, at only $790 per month is takes the cake.

For the entire report on the average cost of a rental apartment in each Canadian city, you can visit their official blog site here and don’t forget to tell us what you guys think! Are you surprised, confused, or ready to get yourself out of dodge? We want to know!