Forbes just released their latest roundup of billionaires around the world, and you already know we’ve been perusing through it. From business-savvy investors to money managers to straight-up heirs, this list is packed to the nines with dollar signs.

All-in-all, a whopping 45 Canadians made the list in total. But of those forty-five, 23 hailed from right here in Ontario. Most were from Toronto, but we also saw some outliers from places like Ottawa, Oakville, Burlington, and Windsor.

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So without further adieu, here are the 23 Ontario billionaires to make the 2021 Forbes list.

We’ve also included their international rank, their cities of residence, the businesses that made them so rich, and their 2021 net worth.

33. David Thomson (Toronto, Ontario) – Thomson- Reuters, $41.8B
232. Tobi Lutke (Ottawa, Ontario) – Shopify, $9.8B
807. Peter Gilgan (Oakville, Ontario) – Mattamy Group Corp, $3.7B
956. Carlo Fidani (Toronto, Ontario) – Orlando Corporation, $3.2B
1174. Mitchell Goldhar (North York, Ontario) – SmartCentres, $2.7B
1205. Bruce Flatt (Toronto, Ontario) – Brookfield Asset Management, $2.6B
1205. Hal Jackman (Toronto, Ontario) – Shareholder E-L Financial Corporation, $2.6B
1205. Stephen Smith (Toronto, Ontario) – First National Financial, $2.6B
1362. Barry Zekelman (Windsor, Ontario) – Zekelman Industries, $2.3B
1444. Catherine Phillips (Toronto, Ontario) – Investor: Shopify, $2.2B
1444. John Phillips (Toronto, Ontario) – Investor: Shopify, $2.2B

David Thomson Via

1517. Mark Leonard (Toronto, Ontario) – Constellation Software, $2.1B
1750. Jack Cockwell (Toronto, Ontario) – Real Estate & Private Equity Investor, $1.8B
1931. Micheal Lee-Chin (Burlington, Ontario) – Wealth Management & Mutual Funds, $1.6B
2141. Terrence (Terry) Matthews (Ottawa, Ontario) – Wesley Clover, $1.4B
2141. Clayton Zekelman (Windsor, Ontario) – Zekelman Industries, $1.4B
2263. Gerald Schwartz (Toronto, Ontario) – Onex, $1.3B
2378. Bill Malhotra (Ottawa, Ontario) – Claridge Homes, $1.2B
2378. Dani Reiss (Toronto, Ontario) – Canada Goose, $1.2B
2524. Naomi Azrieli (Toronto, Ontario) – Azrieli Group, $1.1B
2674. Rommen Harary (Toronto, Ontario) – Spin Master Corp., $1B
2674. Michael McCain (Toronto, Ontario) – Maple Leaf Foods, $1B
2674. Anton Rabie (Toronto, Ontario) –  Spin Master Corp., $1B


There you have it! Using this list as a guide, it looks like the most lucrative businesses last year were those dealing with investments, property development, and tech. But hey – you could have guessed that, right?

You can check out the full Forbes Billionaires 2021 here.