Happy Friday everyone! And if you’re as excited about that as we are, then this little shot of good news is the perfect chaser for the week. We got stories of Olympic glory and wholesome Hollywood happenings, all coming from across this great nation of ours. So, take a seat and let the good vibes replace and wash away any bad vibes that might have appeared over the last five days

The Nathan Fillion Civilian Pavilion is getting a massive push from the public and celebrities

Edmonton’s own Nathan Fillion might be the new namesake of a new park in his hometown. And, it’s not just fans leading the charge! A few of his costars in the upcoming movie The Suicide Squad, including Margot Robbie and John Cena, are calling for the new park to be called The Nathan Fillion Civilian Pavillion. It simply has to happen!

The Canadian Women’s Soccer team wins Olympic gold

OH YES! Now, this is awesome. Like beyond awesome. Early this morning, the Canadian Women’s Soccer team took the gold medal, beating Sweden in a shootout. Talk about a nail-biter! This team has really been through a whole lot, including beating the US team in the semi-finals. And even cooler? This will probably be a major inspiration for Canadian women and girls for years to come. Now that’s awesome.

BC is going to be the first province with paid sick leave

After the last year and a half, we’ve had, sick leave has become a bigger conversation piece. And BC is really stepping up to the plate on the issue. BC is going to become the first province in Canada to have mandatory paid sick leave for all workers. So, you won’t have to choose between going to work sick or losing your wages anymore.

Barbie has released a new ‘real-life hero’ Barbie based on a Toronto doctor

Toronto psychiatry resident Dr. Chika Stacy Oriuwa has been bestowed the honour of a one-of-a-kind Barbie based on her likeness. Maybe a dream come true? The 27-year-old doctor is a real-life hero for a few reasons. She has combated racism in medicine, especially during the pandemic, and was the first Black valedictorian in the history of her medical program. We couldn’t think of a person more deserving of their own Barbie.

London, Ontario’s Damian Warner broke records with his gold medal decathlon win

‘The world’s greatest athlete’ is a Canadian! And, not only did Damian Warner win gold, but he actually won more than 9,000 points in the event. Which makes him the highest-scoring athlete in decathlon history! And, of course, his hometown of London is beyond excited. Heck, the whole nation is excited! We mean, how often does someone’s score go over 9,000?

And, that’s your good news rundown for this week. Hopefully, this good news successfully washed away the bad vibes and set you back on track. Now, you better go out and enjoy your weekend. There are only a few more weekends in summer left, so go out and make the most of it!