Just a few short days before its release, the cast and crew of the new Suicide Squad movie decided to band together to… talk about a park in Edmonton. But not just any park- a brand new one coming to the city, which some folks would like to name the ‘Nathan Fillion Civilian Pavilion’.

Back in 2019, the City of Edmonton shared plans to convert a few parking lots downtown into a new ‘central park’ for public use. Well, it wasn’t long before a couple of Nathan Fillion superfans created a Change.org petition to name it after him. And, with Fillion set to star in the Suicide Squad movie, some A-list celebrities have joined the cause.

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The craziest part? It’s an update (in our minds) on the name that has since been chosen. After all, there are probably a thousand ‘Warehouse Park(s)’ across North America. Plus, why associate a new public space with such an industrial concept? Nah, it should be named after one of Edmonton’s best ambassadors.

The current goal is to get 25,000 signatures, and we sure hope it reaches it. It might take another 2 years, but we need to see a Nathan Fillion Civilian Pavilion sign. If Vancouver can have Dude Chilling Park thanks to a bit of wood, then we can have the NFCP, as a treat.

If you agree with us, then sign the petition right here!