Well folks, we keep getting closer and closer to being able to say goodbye to 2020. And, what better way to send it off with one of Vancouver’s best NYE cocktail kits. Sure, you might be poppin’ champagne at midnight. But that still leaves, what, like 4 hours minimum beforehand? You’re going to need something to sip on! And we’ve got options for you.

Here are 8 Vancouver spots offering amazing NYE cocktail kits.

The Keefer Bar

If there was ever an old standby bar for Vancouver, this would be it. Yearly ranked as one of the best bars in Canada, The Keefer has made practically all their drinks available in a cocktail kit format. So, the question is more how many, instead of which one?

Cost: $50 and up

Odd Society Spirits

The tasting lounge at Odd Society was a great contest to checking out a brewery for the fourth time in a row. So, we think you should bring that contrast home with a selection of seasonal cocktail kits. Of course, our top pick is the ‘Snowbird’ which pairs vodka with hibiscus cinnamon syrup and some Fever Tree tonic water.

Cost: $30 and up

La Mezcaleria

Maybe you’re not striving to be a mixologist in the new year. In that case, we can’t recommend La Mezcaleria enough. Their delicious selection of signature cocktails all come pre-mixed and ready for consumption! Just pop the top and pour. Consider it practice for midnight.

Cost: $15 and up

Di Beppe Restaurant

Di Beppe is sort of on the same wavelength as La Mezcaleria. You can now get their signature bottled drinks to-go, as well as Aperol Spritz cocktail kits. A few Biciclettas (campari, white wine and soda) while we binge-watch Fellini movies? That sounds like a high-class start to 2021!

Cost: $12 and up

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We’re hoping this spot restocks all their amazing cocktail kits before the big day. And, not only do they have a couple of cocktail selections, but you can also sign up for a very unique wine club, which is actually the first we’re hearing about it. Nice! We’ve been meaning to expand our horizons.

Cost: $75 and up

The Diamond

The Diamond is right alongside The Keefer as a staple Vancouver bar, and they’ve also got an extensive lineup of delicious cocktail kits to try out, from classics to their own signature creations. Really, it’s just a matter of picking what you want- the end results are all equally delicious.

Cost: $75 and up

Anh and Chi

This is a double-header pick for us. Not only can you get an amazing Shiso Gimlet mixer to drink, but they’ve also got a NYE meal available as well. Comfortably serving 4 people, we think this is the perfect one-two punch for those who want the entire evening taken care of. We know we sure do.

Cost: $25 and up


The much-loved JUKE addition is for those craving variety. Each (very reasonably priced) cocktail kit comes with enough stuff for not one, but three cocktails, each with 4 servings. Forget NYE cocktail kits, this option will have you celebrating New Year’s Week (responsibly, of course).

Cost: $99

And that’s our roundup of some amazing NYE cocktail kits to try this year in Vancouver! However you decide to celebrate this year, enjoy yourselves folks!