Ah Seattle weather, what a joy. With a spring forecast thats looking more like winter, it’s somewhat surprising to see what the weather is doing this week. Ready for a whirlwind forecast? Let’s check it out and see what’s in store.

The National Weather Service’s weekly Seattle forecast looks pretty normal with temperatures in the high 40s to 50s. But then there’s Thursday, it’s predicted that the high will be 68 degrees making it the hottest day so far this year. If the sky stays clear, who knows, it might even hit 70.

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Now because this is Seattle we of course cannot have consistent weather. So on Saturday temperatures will drop into the 40s with a low in the 30s. What does that mean? A chance for snow, on Sunday. The good news for Seattleites is that the potential snow is expected on the Eastside rather than in the city. So don’t worry, no sliding busses and no shovelling.

Just remember if you think you see snow this weekend, you’re not wrong. As long as it doesn’t stick we won’t be complaining. Who knows what the Seattle forecast has up it’s sleeve next… Have a great week folks!