With the NHL season around the corner once more, we thought that it might be fun to check out a recent ranking of the most-loved (and least-liked) mascots in the league! And wouldn’t you know it- Harvey the Hound is, apparently, near the bottom of the list.

The ranking comes from the website PlayCanada. They surveyed some 2,000 NHL fans across Canada and the US, asking them to rate every NHL mascot on a scale of 1 to 5, which were then averaged out. Wanna guess what score Harvey got? Now’s your chance.

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According to the survey, Harvey is the second least-liked mascot in the entire league. His average score came in at 2.94/5, just barely beating out the Columbus Blue Jackets’ ‘Stinger’ mascot and slightly trailing ‘Spartacat’ of the Ottawa Senators. Maybe ol Craig MacTavish caught wind of the survey and stuffed the ballot box.

Of course, the most powerful mascot of them all, Gritty, didn’t even crack the top 20. So right there, we’re raising an eyebrow at these rankings, not even considering how badly ol’ Harv was done dirty. Sure, Toronto’s Carlton might deserve the top spot, but you’ve got the Buffalo Sabres’ mascot in the second spot? Maybe it was a pity pick.

harvey the hound
Via PlayCanada

Maybe the only people who responded to the survey lived in Edmonton and Vancouver. Come on- it’s a dog, and the first NHL mascot! How can you hate a trailblazing dog? It’s unnatural.

To check out the rankings for yourself, just click here. A word of warning though, you won’t like what you see.