Contrary to popular belief, the perfect job does exist  – and it’s vacant! Dust off that resume, Canada – because travel membership program Harvest Hosts, is looking for an ‘Aleblazer’ and the position is even cooler than the title itself.

While this isn’t a forever gig, those looking for something new are encouraged to flex their personality and keep their fingers crossed for an opportunity unlike anything ever offered at the company.

Essentially, they’re looking for a social media pro to travel around North America and try new things while getting paid – but don’t bother applying if you don’t have the pallet for ale.

Why? Well, because in addition to seeing new things, whoever is chosen will also have to drink their way across the continent.

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With over 500 breweries and distilleries on their hit list, this employee will be tasked with visiting every single one of them, documenting their experience while they drive from place to place.

From Alpaca farms to golf courses, each stop will be more unique than the last – but it’ll be your job to entertain viewers along the way.

Successful candidates will not only get a pay cheque and an RV to get around (borrowed, of course) but they’ll also get FREE beer and memories that’ll last a lifetime.

Interested? Applicants must be 21 or older, have a valid driver’s license and a love for distilleries.

Good luck and have fun with it! You never know, you might be Harvest Hosts newest and most envied employee!