Alright, so the weekend has rolled around and you’re feeling musical. You know that somewhere out there lies your new favourite karaoke spot, you just haven’t found it yet. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you on your quest.

Here are our top 6 karaoke bars in Vancouver.

Funky Winkerbeans

Vancouver’s best-known dive bar, featuring karaoke every night of the week. If you like karaoke at all, then you need to go here at least once in your life. It might be a little too hardcore for your tastes, but you won’t know until you try, right?

Hours: Daily after 9 PM
Where: 37 W Hastings Street

Numbers Cabaret

Lively bar on Davie Street that just so happens to be the oldest gay club in the city. Not that that really matters, though. Anyone can come here and enjoy dancing, pool, and a dedicated karaoke room.

Hours: Daily, 8PM-3AM
Where: 1042 Davie Street

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Pub 340

Just down the street and inside of a building completed in 1898 is Pub 340. Head here on a Tuesday or Thursday for super cheap drinks and a warm space. As an added bonus, there’s a pinball room for you to enjoy in between songs.

Hours: Tuesday and Thursday, 9PM-1AM
Where: 340 Cambie Street


The first of three karaoke spots with private rooms. This spot is in the heart of downtown, meaning you can swing by after a night out for a little fun before you head home. It’s the most expensive on this list, but worth the price every once in a while.

Hours: Daily, 2PM-2AM
Where: 1133 Robson Street

Millenium Karaoke

You have to drive to Richmond for this one, but it’s still a great spot for some solid karaoke. Another relatively upscale spot, but cheaper than Fantacity. As a rule of thumb, these private room bars don’t have as many English songs as regular karaoke bars, but who cares? They’ve got the classics.

Hours: Thursday to Sunday, 2PM-2AM, and Monday to Wednesday, 7PM-2AM
Where: 4451 No 3 Road #201, Richmond

Galchae Karaoke

Now, this is a true karaoke bar. Insane hours, a relatively dingy location, and a warm host. Head here to drown your sorrows in soju as you get progressively better (read: louder) at singing.

Hours: Monday to Thursday, 5PM-3AM, Friday/Saturday, 4PM-4AM and Sunday, 4PM-3AM
Where: 5679 Imperial Street, Burnaby

So, now that you know where to go to get your karaoke itch scratched, which one will you pick first? Personally, we’re going to try and do at least a couple in one night. Why not make a tour of it?