They say fall’s cuffing season, but we say it’s hiking season. Why? Cooler temps mean less crowding on our favourite trails, and that means more opportunities to check out the gorgeous fall colours… so keep reading for a list of the best hikes to explore before the season ends!

Bluffers Park and Trail

If you’re looking for a hike with low effort and maximum reward, we suggest the Bluffers Park and Trail. This hike’s simple enough that you can do it with a PSL in-hand, and it’ll take you from the shores of Lake Ontario to the white cliffs of Dover… but the best part is that you’ll get to see the iconic Scarborough Bluffs!


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Dundas Peak

This trail goes through Dundas Valley, one of southern Ontario’s most stunning natural treasures. There’s gurgling streams, a forest full of autumn colours, and an unbelievably pretty waterfall waiting for you— and you can see it all in only 3.9 km.








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East Don Parkland

This trail is made for September. Check out Manitoba maples and willows in fall bloom, and pop by the river to catch spawning salmon in action. Just don’t forget to pack a pumpkin-spice treat as a reward for your outdoors-iness.

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Orchard Trail

This trail is a classic in the Rouge National Urban Park. At 1-2 hours, it’s fairly short–  but you’ll be able to see wetland wildlife, apple orchards, and some cultural history all in one 2 km jaunt.








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Flowerpot Island

Tobermory’s a bit of a trek, but the views are definitely worth the effort. Flowerpot Island’s short loop features breathtaking lake lookouts and it’s perfect for all skill levels, so it should definitely be on your autumn hit-list.









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Boyd Conservation Area Trail

This 4.7 km trail near Vaughan also features some beautiful water views. Even if you’re not an experienced hiker, Boyd Conservation Area is a great place to hit if you’re looking to go off the grid, listen to the river, and connect with nature for a while.








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Spencer Adventure Trail

Waterfalls + vista viewpoints + historic landmarks= the ideal fall hike. Spencer Adventure Trail is only an hour from Toronto, but it feels like a full-on journey. You’ll learn all about how the iconic Niagara Escarpment was formed, and you’ll definitely get some gorgeous autumn photos while you’re at it. Sounds like a good deal to us!









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Mono Cliffs Provincial Park Trail

On this 8.7k hike, you’ll discover the (very photogenic) “Jacob’s Ladder,” a group of huge moss-covered, fossil-filled columns of stone. Expect to be wowed by classic fall colours, but also by the unexpected blue-green shades that are produced by clumps of lichen.








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So there you have it! If you do these hikes, you’re guaranteed to make some unreal autumn memories. Make sure you tag us in all your gorgeous pics- we wanna feel the FOMO!