Hello there, folks! We have decided that it is finally time to create a guide to the best seafood restaurants in Vancouver. Now, the city is overflowing with delicious seafood. So, to start off we’re going to focus almost exclusively on Pacific Northwest and European cuisine.

We will get around sushi/Chinese and everything else as the summer goes on.

Here are the best seafood restaurants in Vancouver.

Joe Fortes

joe fortes

An absolute institution in Vancouver, and for good reason. Whether you’re going there for happy hour oysters, brunch on the rooftop patio, or settling into a weekend feast, you’ll always leave happy.

Hours: Daily, 11AM-11PM
Where: 777 Thurlow Street


coquille van

One of the most recent additions to Vancouver’s scene. Coquille is the sister restaurant of L’Abattoir, and brings their same poise and grace to seafood. They’ve also got a fantastic happy hour to check out.

Hours: Daily, 11:30AM-12AM
Where: 181 Carrall Street

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Blue Water Cafe

blue water cafe

One of the more upscale spots on this list, but hoo boy, is it worth it. Get ready to drop a fair amount of cash for an incredible meal. Heck, go pick out a lobster from one of their live tanks. Just don’t get too close to it.

Hours: Daily, 4:30PM-12AM
Where: 1095 Hamilton Street


yew seafood

Located in the Four Seasons, YEW’s rise to the top in thanks to, in large part, Ned Bell. Prior to leaving to focus on OceanWise, Ned turned this once so-so hotel restaurant into a top dining destination. Thankfully, the current executive chef Edgar Kano is keeping the quality up.

Hours: Daily, 7AM-10PM
Where: 791 W Georgia Street



From the folks at Nook and Tavola comes this cosy neighbourhood seafood joint. Cosy doesn’t have to mean standard, though, and the creativity on Oddfish’s menu definitely shows why they’re deserving of the name. Octopus karaage, anyone?

Hours: Daily, 5PM-10PM
Where: 1889 W 1st Avenue

The Fish Counter

the fish counter

Sometimes it’s nice to just tuck into some fish and chips, and our top choice for that is the Fish Counter. Half market, half counter-service take out spot, these folks offer four different kinds of the staple dish. Feeling like a sandwich? Grab an oyster po’ boy instead.

Hours: Thursday to Monday, 10AM-8PM, Closed Tuesday and Wednesday
Where: 3825 Main Street



Another hotel spot that has gone above and beyond what’s expected of it. So far, in fact, that Boulevard regularly sweeps up awards across a variety of food categories. Definitely, our top pick when you’re dining with friends that, eugh, don’t like seafood.

Hours: 6:30AM-1AM
Where: 845 Burrard Street

Fanny Bay Oyster Bar

fanny bay

What happens when you take the best shellfish farms in BC and combine it with the best shellfish farms in Washington? An oyster bar downtown that blows the rest out of the water. Buy oysters or toss em back while you’re there at Vans only ‘tide to table’ restaurant.

Hours: Monday to Wednesday, 11AM-10PM, Thursday/Friday, 11AM-11PM, Saturday, 10:30AM-11PM and Sunday, 10:30AM-10PM
Where: 762 Cambie Street

Now that’s a pretty comprehensive guide to the best seafood restaurants in Vancouver, if we do say so ourselves. Go enjoy the ocean’s gifts to you this weekend, folks, you deserve it.