So, you’ve recently decided to dip your toes into a plant-based diet, and want to know what the best vegetarian restaurants in Vancouver are. We say good for you, especially because the city has got no shortage of spots to help you out. Seriously, it’s a whole new world of flavour out there, so dive in on it.

Here are the best vegetarian restaurants in Vancouver.

The Acorn

the acorn

The shining star of Vancouver’s vegetarian scene. A seasonal menu, a great space and amazing dishes create a dining trifecta. Get some dishes to share, and if you’re only vegetarian, try the Halloumi.

Hours: Dinner Daily, 5:30PM-12AM and Brunch Weekends, 10AM-2:30PM
Where: 3995 Main Street

The Arbor

the arbor

The sister restaurant of The Acorn, and like two doors down the street. There’s a more casual approach to dining here, but it’s still delicious, and great for lunch!

Hours: Sunday to Thursday, 11AM-11PM and Friday/Saturday, 11AM-12AM
Where: 3941 Main Street

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Aleph Eatery


Craving some Middle Eastern food? Aleph is definitely the place to check out. With both vegan and vegetarian options available, you can feast on hummus, curry and falafels until your heart’s content.

Hours: Dinner Monday to Thursday, 5:30PM-10PM, Friday/Saturday, 5PM-10PM and Sunday, 5PM-9:30PM; Brunch Friday 11AM-2PM and Saturday/Sunday, 10AM-2PM
Where: 1889 Powell Street



Our top pick for a plant-based brunch in Vancouver. They’ve got delicious bennys and omelettes, plus, their burger is incredible. Beyond Meat goes above and beyond A&W here.

Hours: Sunday to Thursday, 9AM-10PM and Friday/Saturday, 9AM-10:30PM
Where: 1509 W 12th Avenue

Virtuous Pie

virtuous pie

We have to admit, when we heard that there was vegan pizza in the city, it took us a few months to warm up to the idea. Like, we completely missed the boat here and had to be convinced by our brother that it was worth it. Turns out, it totally is! Who woulda thunk it.

Hours: Sunday to Thursday, 11AM-10PM and Friday/Saturday, 11AM-11PM
Where: 583 Main Street



A female-run, completely vegetarian Mexican restaurant in the heart of East Van. If that’s not a great example of what Vancouverites should be proud of, then we don’t know what is.

Hours: Sunday to Thursday, 9AM-12AM and Friday/Saturday, 9AM-1AM
Where: 2781 Commercial Drive



Pretty fun to think that Vancouver has got a restaurant built almost exclusively around the use of chickpeas. We can’t blame them though, we used to eat chickpeas like they were candies when we were young.

Hours: Sunday to Thursday, 9AM-11PM and Friday/Saturday, 9AM-12AM
Where: 4298 Main Street



A staple choice for those who are just starting out on their plant-based journeys. Why? Because the mainstays of this spot aren’t salads- they’re burgers and fries. Who says vegetarians and vegans also have to be healthy?

Hours: Sunday to Thursday, 11AM-11PM and Friday/Saturday, 11AM-1AM
Where: Multiple Locations



A lot of places offer veggie and vegan bowls in the city, but we have to give a special shoutout to Kokomo for doing it the best. Aruba, Jamaica, ooh we wanna take ya…

Hours: Monday to Friday, 8AM-8PM and Saturday/Sunday, 10AM-4PM
Where: Locations in Kits and Yaletown

The Naam

the naam

What? Did you seriously think we would leave out Vancouver’s oldest and most important vegetarian restaurant? Come on, we like to think we’re better than that. We recommend trying a Dragon Bowl and going from there.

Hours: Open 24/7, friends!
Where: 2724 West 4th Avenue

And there you have it, Vancouver! Our favourite vegetarian restaurants in the city. Next time you’re feeling healthy (or you’re going for dinner with a vegetarian friend), let this list be your guide.