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Guide: 6 amazing summer Farmers Markets in Vancouver

Photo via Dane Deaner

Alright, so you decided that this summer is going to be your healthiest summer ever. Well, you’re in luck, because we’re thinking the same thing. And, since all of the summer Farmers Markets are now open, it’s easier than ever to get those sweet, sweet local goods.

Here are all the summer Farmers Markets in Vancouver to visit.

Trout Lake

One of the biggest in the city, Trout Lake features over 60 different vendors. Get everything from veggies to organic meat, and maybe try out some water buffalo yogurt. Then, hit up a coffee stand or a food truck and treat yourself.

When: Saturdays, 9AM-2PM
Where: Lakewood Drive & E 13th Avenue

West End

The perfect opportunity to grab a couple of little snacks, or, a full-fledged dinner setup. There are 30 vendors here offering up such great fares as olive tapenades, fresh produce and homemade perogies! Grab some kielbassa after and you’re cruising.

When: Saturdays, 9AM-2PM
Where: 1100 Comox Street between Bute & Thurlow

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The perfect place to swing by on your way to the beach, or if you’re hitting your bougie friends townhouse for a BBQ in the afternoon. Almost as big at the Trout Lake market, with 50 different vendors hanging out.

When: Sundays, 10AM-2PM
Where: Kitsilano Community Centre

Mount Pleasant

Worth checking out if only because it’s in Dude Chilling Park. Grab some artisanal cheese, some bone broth and some rhubarb. Why those three things? No idea! We’ve just got some weird cravings while we write this guide.

When: Sundays, 10AM-2PM
Where: Dude Chilling Park

Main Street Station

Located right beside the Science Centre, this is a great spot for those who are about to commute home after a day of work. Forgot to grab what you need from the grocery store for your salad? Up your game and stop by here.

When: Wednesdays, 2PM-6PM
Where: 1100 Station Street


The last Farmers Market to open for the summer, this one just had its first day yesterday. Located by Queen Elizabeth Theatre, this is a great one to swing by for a snack or two before you head home for the night. Try Odd Society Spirits’ Ginger Beer- it’s delicious!

When: Thursdays, 3PM-7PM
Where: šxʷƛ̓exən Xwtl’a7shn Square (formerly Queen Elizabeth Theatre Plaza)

And those are all the Farmers Markets that are only open during the summer! Get out there and support local growers and businesses, we know that everyone walks away a winner at the farmers market. It’s law.

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