Although our city is known for its sushi, it’s an open secret that a great bowl of pho is usually a hop, skip and jump away. So, we thought we’d do a little guide of some great pho options around Vancouver before winter really settles in. Let’s check it out!

Here are 10 great places to get pho in Vancouver.

Do Chay Saigon Vegetarian

do chay
Photo via Curiocity Group

Vegan or not, you can’t pass up a bowl of the pho at Do Chay! The family recipe is chock full of delicious ingredients like broccoli tempura, avocado, yuba and bean curd. And here we were thinking that plant-based diets wouldn’t have a place on this list! Boy, were we wrong.

Where: 1392 Kingsway and 1269 Hamilton Street
Options: Dine-in, takeout and delivery available

Cambie Vietnamese Restaurant

We’re going to call this the best value spot for pho in Vancouver. With most bowls coming in at $10.50, you’d expect to see at least some corners being cut in the quality. This is absolutely not the case, and even the vegetarian pho is some of the best in the city.

Where: 4136 Main Street
Options: Dine-in, takeout and delivery available

Anh and Chi

pho vancouver
Photo via Curiocity Group

This spot along Main Street truly set the bar for modern Vietnamese cuisine in Vancouver. We recommend trying the classic Phở Hoàng with sliced beef sirloin, brisket, and meatballs with rice noodles and beef broth. It’s tasty, filling, and guaranteed to chase away the Vancouver blues.

Where: 3388 Main Street
Options: Dine-in, delivery and takeout available

Bun Cha Ca Hoang Yen

This pick is hands-down one of the best spots for Vietnamese food, and by extension pho, in the city. Try out the classic options first, then explore some of their seafood-based soup dishes, which is what they’re known for.

Where: 5083 Victoria Drive
Options: Dine-in and takeout available

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Co’m Vietnamese

co'm vietnamese
Photo via Curiocity Group

As a relatively new addition to Richmond, Co’M has quickly become a favourite in the area for contemporary takes on Vietnamese dishes. And, like Anh and Chi, they’ve been doing a fantastic job of it!

Where: 7688 Alderbridge Way, Richmond
Options: Dine-in, delivery and takeout available

Viet House

This unassuming spot along Cambie Street offers some amazing dishes. So, while the pho is a great staple pick, we suggest splitting one of the chef’s specials with whoever you’re dining with. Even if it’s just future you at lunch the next day, it’s worth it.

Where: 3420 Cambie Street
Options: Dine-in, delivery and takeout available

Mr. Red Cafe

pho vancouver
Photo via Mr Red Cafe

Mr. Red Cafe is a staple name in Vancouver for good reason. We remember the days when there’d be a long halfway down the block at the Hastings Location. We’d still stand in it, since the quality of the food (and the speed of service), more than made up for it. Luckily, that quality hasn’t gone anywhere, and you can always get takeout.

Where: Multiple locations
Options: Dine-in, delivery and takeout available

Hanoi Pho

This restaurant on East Hastings has been a longtime favourite in the area. Family-run and with delicious home-cooked meals, it’s the perfect ‘neighbourhood spot’. But, we’re taking the leap and telling you all about it!

Where: 406 E Hastings Street
Options: Dine-in and takeout available

Le Petit Saigon

petit saigon
Photo via Le Petit Saigon

If you’re looking for a particularly fragrant broth, we think you’ll become a regular at Le Petit Saigon. That’s what sold us, at least. Now, we look forward to pretty much everything on the menu, but we keep coming back to the pho.

Where: 2783 Hastings Street E
Options: Dine-in, delivery and takeout available

Thai Son

With multiple locations around the city (and in Richmond), Thai Son is an easy option for pretty much any neighbourhood. And while Vietnamese restaurants are generous as-is, this spot gets a special shoutout for some truly filling dishes.

Where: Multiple locations
Options: Dine-in and takeout available

And those are our picks for some of the best places for pho in Vancouver! Of course, there are many hidden gems in this city, so if we missed your favourite let us know!