We’re back with another installment of our neighbourhood guides. This time, we’re focusing on the best coffee spots in Kitsilano, for those weekends when you want to explore the neighbourhood after chilling on the beach.

Here are 11 great coffee shops in Kitsilano.

Beyond Bread

beyond bread

We’re moving West to East today, and Beyond Bread sits right at the edge of Kits. They’ve got great coffee and kombucha in a small space, but the real draw is their delicious baking. Really solid croissants, and some of the best pain au chocolate in the city.

Hours: Monday to Saturday, 7AM-3PM and Sunday, 8AM-3PM
Where: 3686 W 4th Avenue



One of two spots that focus primarily on delicious donuts. These guys have the best cake donuts in the city, and you cannot go wrong with their Earl Grey, it is incredible.

Hours: Sunday to Thursday, 9AM-8PM and Friday/Saturday, 9AM-9PM
Where: 3040 W Broadway

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Olive + Ruby

olive and ruby vancouver's most beautiful restaurants

A newer spot that is so nice we had to go and take pictures of it. With an emphasis on healthy food and a community vibe, Olive + Ruby is the perfect place to stop in for a bite to eat and a chat with a friend.

Hours: Monday to Friday, 8AM-6PM and Saturday/Sunday, 9AM-6PM
Where: 2839 W Broadway

Nusa Coffee

nusa coffee

This spot opened in 2017 and focuses solely on using Indonesian coffee and blends. Ever wondered what imported coffees truly taste like in the country where they come from? Wonder no more, Nusa has your back.

Hours: Daily, 8AM-6PM
Where: 2766 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6K 1R1

The Only Cafe

the only cafe

The coffee lover’s coffee shop, no doubt. The emphasis here is on a variety of techniques and an extensive menu. Pour-over? Sure. A macchiato? Coming up. Weird coffee using a siphon technique that we didn’t know existed? You got it.

Hours: Monday, 8AM-5PM, Tuesday to Friday, 7:30AM-6: 30 PM and Saturday/Sunday, 8AM-6PM
Where: 2678 W 4th Avenue

Platform 7

platform 7

Coffee shop modelled after a Belle-Epoque French train car. The coffee and food are good, but this is the spot to impress a coffee date with a good setting before or after you walk around the neighbourhood.

Hours: Daily, 7AM-7PM
Where: 2300 W Broadway

49th Parallel Café

luckys donuts

Probably the most Instagrammed coffee shop in Vancouver. Good colour scheme, great coffee, and delicious donuts. However, this is the spot for yeast instead of cake batter, trust us. Get a filled one for maximum effect.

Hours: Sunday to Friday, 7AM-7PM and Saturday, 7AM-8PM
Where: 2198 W 4th Avenue

Sweet Barrel Creamery

sweet barrel

A coffee shop that makes ice cream on site and has a delicious selection of crepes. Like our next pick, this is a spot that most don’t know about, but those who do love it.

Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30AM-10: 30 PM and Saturday/Sunday, 9:30AM-10: 30 PM
Where: 2729 Arbutus Street

Plaisir Sucré

plaisir sucre

A hidden gem of a coffee shop that focuses on French baking. Yeah, you can get a croissant, but wouldn’t it be better to test out an eclair or go for broke with a chocolate torte?

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 7:30AM-6PM and Sunday, 7:30AM-5PM, Closed Monday
Where: 2668 Arbutus Street

Pallet Coffee

pallet coffee

One of the most popular chains in Vancouver and for good reason. Head here if you need to get a little work done and want some great food and coffee while you’re at it.

Hours: Monday to Friday, 7AM-6PM and Saturday/Sunday, 8AM-6PM
Where: 2002 W Broadway


kahve coffee

Worth mentioning because not only is it a great coffee shop, but it is also a great homeware store. Opened by a former art critic, Kahve is the home base of Enflux, which imports high-quality goods from around the world.

Hours: Monday to Friday, 7:30AM-5PM, and Saturday, 9AM-5PM, Closed Sunday
Where: 1822 W 1st Avenue

And that’s our guide of go-to coffee shops in Kitsilano! Just pull this list up the next time you find yourself need to impress a coffee snob, you’re guaranteed to impress them.