It is actually extremely hard to write about the best hole in the wall restaurants in Vancouver. First, you don’t think that there are that many. Then, ten minutes later, you’ve got a list so long that you can’t possibly include all of them. Shoutout to our friends for both being cheap (mostly) and having great taste.

Here are the best hole in the wall restaurants in Vancouver!

Hawker’s Delight

hole in the wall vancouver hawker's

With literally one thing on the menu that’s over $10 (it’s the lamb curry), Hawker’s Delight holds the unofficial title for the best bang for your buck in the city. The laksa and mee goreng are delicious, but whatever you do, do not pass up on getting a few vegetable fritters.

Hours: Monday to Saturday, 12PM-9PM
Where: 4127 Main Street


hole in the wall gringo vancouver

A hole in the wall spot in Blood Alley (the most appealing street name in the city), Gringo serves up tasty Mexican treats and has some of the lowest drink prices in the city. Definitely get the Austin taco, which marries beef brisket and Mexican flair in a way that we used to dream about.

Hours: Sunday to Thursday, 11:30AM-1AM and Saturday/Sunday 11:30AM-2AM
Where: 27 Blood Alley Square

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Kam Wai Dim Sum

kam wai

When you’re wholesaling to T&T, it’s pretty safe to assume you’ve got the best value on the market. Fortunately for us, Kam Wai Dim Sum operates a deli that offers ready-to-eat dim sum in Chinatown. Want to impress your friends with your knowledge of authentic Chinese cuisine? Take them here.

Hours: Everyday, 9AM-6PM
Where: 249 E Pender St
Cost: Under $15 for two people

Hida Takayama Ramen

hole in the wall hida takayama

Tucked into the food court at the Robson Public Market, this counter service spot gives the best value for ramen in the city. Rumour has it the owner gave up his meat shop in Chinatown so his son could run it, which means he’s getting the best pork for the broth.

Hours: Monday-Wednesday to Sunday, 11AM-8PM, Closed Tuesday
Where: #203-1610 Robson Street

Sushi Bar Maumi

sushi bar maumi

Bless the Japanese for truly elevating the idea of hole in the wall sushi restaurants. The large majority of ingredients are imported from Japan daily, to the delight of the two rounds of 8 diners lucky enough to be there that night. That said, a price point of only $75 for 11 nigiri dishes is actually an incredible deal.

Hours: Monday to Saturday, 6PM-9:30PM
Where: 1226 Bute Street

Nat’s New York Pizzeria

hole in the wall vancouver nats pizza

The cold chicken deluxe here is arguably the sandwich that got us through university. It is as massive as it is delicious, and is, in our opinion, just as good as their pizza. Now, we love Nat’s pizza, so that is really saying something. Ask for extra condiments, too- that added kick of mustard is tremendous.

Hours: Monday to Saturday, 11AM-10PM and Sunday, 12PM-9PM
Where: 2684 W Broadway

Caffé La Tana

counter la tana

Japanese cuisine doesn’t have a monopoly on the upscale hole in the wall idea. This spot on Commercial Drive is the lesser-known sister restaurant to Savio Volpe and Pepino’s Spaghetti House. Unpretentious and cozy, but serving up incredible pasta dishes daily.

Hours: Sunday to Thursday, 8AM-6PM, Friday/Saturday, 8AM-5PM and 6:30PM-12AM
Where: 635 Commercial Drive

Healthy Noodle House

hole in the wall vancouver healthy noodle

Located in Kitsilano, this tiny noodle house is absolutely an underrated gem in Vancouver. No MSG, low sodium, and fresh ingredients make for some truly delicious dishes. Try them all!

Hours: Monday to Saturday, 12PM-8PM, Closed Monday
Where: 2716 West 4th Avenue

The Patty Shop

the patty shop

We don’t think we’ve ever mentioned The Patty Shop in Kerrisdale before. Well, this spot specializes in, you guessed it, Jamaican patties. Try a few out, then buy a whole dang box and treat yourself over the next week. Heads up, cash or cheque only at this one!

Hours: Monday to Saturday, 9AM-6:30PM, Closed Sunday
Where: 4019 MacDonald Street

There it is, that’s our guide to the best hole in the wall restaurants in Vancouver! Did we miss one of your favourites? Let us know and we’ll make sure to check it out!