So, you’ve hit every bar along Stephen Ave, you’re 4 (5? 6?) shots deep and McDonald’s is packed solid, but you can’t confidently climb into the back of an Uber just yet. You’re still vibing, but chickie nuggies aren’t an option, so what do you do? Believe it or not, Calgary has a ton of tasty spots open well after the last call, none of which are under the golden arches. Here are 8 post-bar late-night restaurants in Calgary.

You and your drunchies will thank us later.


This was an obvious choice for an after-hours list. Once you’ve danced your way out of one of the many 10th Ave bars, you have to head over to CPU. Their pizza slices are huge, greasy, delicious, and best loaded up with ranch and hot sauce. We once rode a Lime scooter all the way home with a CPU box in hand. Ah, drunk bravery.

When: 10 am – 4:30 am
Where: 555 11 Ave SW, Calgary


This shawarma hub is a Calgary classic. The portions served at this late-night resto are incredible, and their sauces are top of the line. To be honest, we’ve never eaten here sober, but we’re pretty sure this is some of the best food we’ve ever had at 3:30 in the morning.

When: 11 am– 4 am
Where: 1423 Kensington Rd NW, Calgary


Fancy a grilled cheese and a cherry pie? Blackfoot Diner just outside of Inglewood kind of has an “everything” menu. These guys are open 24 hours a day, which is insane but awfully convenient for the night owls, after-party party girls, and the post-bar rally cats.

When: 24 hours
Where: 1840 9 Ave SE, Calgary


post bar late night calgary

This is a playground for party animals and late-night snackers alike. Everyone in Calgary knows this spot as THE place for an after-hours bite. The atmosphere here is wild, and the food is primo. Their dumplings and ginger beef are out of control, and so is the crowd, who are often seen dancing on the tables.

When: 11:30 am – 4 am
Where: Unit 101- 555 11 Ave SW, Calgary


late night post bar calgary

“I want falafel,” said many a 20-something after a night of binge drinking. It’s not uncommon for this place to be packed at 3 am. Because of its just-off-17th-Ave location, the Shawarma Knight has become a post-bar hot spot.

When: 10 am – 4 am
Where: 1512 14 St SW, Calgary


If you know, you know. Nothing beats a good Vietnamese sub to soak up all of that nonsense in your system after a night out. Pair your satay chicken sub with a taro bubble tea and you have a meal of champions!

When: 11 am – 3 am
Where: 615 17 Ave SW, Calgary

U & ME

Breakfast dim sum? When the sun is coming up and you’re only willing to hit one more spot after the bar, U & Me never disappoints.  The servers take no crap, which means you’re getting in and out as efficiently as 10 rowdy humans could.

When: 8 am – 4 am
Where: 233 Centre Street South, Calgary



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Cheese. Gravy. Fries. Mounds and mounds of fries. If that doesn’t scream post-drink snack, then nothing does. Big Cheese is Calgary’s favourite poutinerie. They’ve got tons of flavour combinations, their fries are perfect, and they’re right on 17th Avenue.

When: 11 am – 3:30 am
Where: 738 17 Ave SW, Calgary

There you have it! The best late-night restaurants in Calgary. On any given Saturday, catch us crying in a booth definitely not over our high school ex.