Are you sick of going to the same few bars in your neighbourhood every weekend? Well, maybe it’s time to mix it up and sip on something different for a change. Lucky for you, we’re thinking of doing the same thing. So we decided to put together a list of the most creative cocktail bars in Toronto. None of these places can be considered boring- they’re pushing the limits and forgetting vodka cran ever even existed.

Here are 7 of the most out-of-the-box cocktail bars in Toronto.



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This spot promises to challenge the conventional cocktail experience. Their wildly creative creations are more than just drinks, they’re works of art! Head to this spot if you’re looking for something that’s not just a bar, but a capital “E” Experience.

Where: 472 Queen St W


With a name like Project Gigglewater, you already know there’s something intriguing about this west-end bar. The cocktails are infused with a big dose of nostalgia, with creations like the creamsicle-inspired Orange Dream-sicle, the Velveteen Dream that tastes like PB&J, and The Twizzler which is like boozy candy in your mouth. Yum!

Where: 1369 Dundas St W


This literature-themed bar is a fun spot to curl up with not just a good book but a good cocktail too. The drink menu is broken up into “chapters,” each with its own theme based on the type of novel you’re in the mood for, from tropical beach reads to inventive adventures to crowd-pleasing epics. Plus, the giant walls of books and the cozy armchairs will make you want to hang there for hours.

Where: 392 Pacific Ave


No cocktail menu is quite as poetic and thoughtful as the one at Mother. Every drink is based on the “different types of human connections we form throughout our lives,” like the toasted chai piña colada to remind us of our childhood memories, and unique creations based on the destinations around the world where their staff are from, including Jerusalem, Oaxaca, and Versailles.

Where: 874 Queen St W



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This rustic speakeasy is so out-of-the-box they don’t even have a cocktail menu. But hear us out! They’ll still get you that creative cocktail you’re dreaming of. Instead of a menu, guests rely on the expertise of the bartenders to create a perfect customized mix. Just have a little chat and they’ll come up with something made just for you. Wow, we feel so special!

Where: 878 Bloor St W



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It’s 2022 now, so we’re basically back in the roaring 20s, right? This Victorian-chic cocktail bar sure thinks so! The cocktails and decor are inspired by the 1920s. Plus, they have live music almost every day of the week! Ready to revisit the prohibition era for the night?

Where: 1376 Danforth Ave


This is probably our top pick for nights where we want to mix things up. Originally from Vancouver, The Shameful Tiki Room is hands-down the best place in the city for rum-based drinks. While their volcano bowls are definitely the most visually impressive, we always get a Jungle Bird. It’s like taking a trip to Hawaii without leaving the city!

Where: 1378 Queen St W

Mix it up with your mixed drinks and check out some of the best creative cocktails in Toronto! Or try all of them. We don’t judge.