Does your happiness correlate to your pumpkin spice intake? Do you longingly touch the cozy sweaters and scarves in your closet? Dream of crunching over golden leaves and caressing pumpkins? You might be a fall person. We’ve got 7 of the best places to see fall colours in Ontario all lined up, so you can take the most basic autumn road trip of your life! Go see those leaves, go run through those corn mazes. It’s your time.


fall colours ontario

Algonquin is beautiful any time of the year, but seeing those trees in all their glory just does somethin’ to ya. Typically, the last week of September and first of October are peak times for Sugar Maple and Red Maple leaf colours. Did that almost make it sound like we know trees? They even have a nifty fall colour guide so you can make sure you’re out on the most spectacular days.

How far: About 3 hours


lion's head fall colours ontario

We love Lion’s Head in the summer, but it’s just as perfect in fall! Get up high and enjoy the views of golden trees next to bright blue water. Bonus points if you take advantage of the not-burning weather to get a little hike in. In a spot this perfect, it’s worth the steps.

How far: 3 hours 20 minutes


dundas peak

Want to enjoy some fall colours while also scaring the lights out of your mom on Instagram? Kidding, be safe up there. This peak has such incredible views, you’ll be making the trip up every fall.

How far: About 1 hour


niagara fall

Niagara is known for many things. Falls, wine, and fall. Get up in the Aero Car over the Niagara Gorge to see the scene in the most stunning season. Say that five times fast.

How far: 1 hour 40 minutes


Guide: 8 of the best places to see fall colours in Ontario

We mean, just look at that view! Take the Kawartha Trans Canada Trail for the day to spot Doube’s Trestle Bridge nestled in allllll those colours. This valley might just be a fall paradise.

How far: 2 hours 45 minutes


fall colours ontario

If you’re in the area, climb up Dorset Lookout. It’s famous for incredible views of fall trees surrounding Lake of Bays. Get out early on the weekends to beat the crowds, or come for the most scenic golden hour of your life!

How far: 2 hours 45 minutes


muskoka fall

Get one more cabin weekend in to enjoy Muskoka’s incredible fall colours. If jumping in a canoe isn’t your style, the fall road trips through the area are legendary. Pack some snacks and jump in the car to appreciate them! Honestly, you should take the canoe. So scenic.

How far: About 2 hours

Your eyes are peeled, your PSL is in hand, and you are ready to see the most incredible fall colours in Ontario. Get out there and enjoy the season!