AND IIII-E-IIII, WILL ALWAYS LOOOOVE KARAOOOKEEE. It’s time to let your inner songbird out, regardless of what anyone tells you. Let it rip at these karaoke bars in Toronto. We’ve got the divey, the classy, and a couple in between. Have fun, you melodious soul!


karaoke bars in toronto

There you go, that’s all you need to know. It’s a bar and karaoke. Kind of a boujee one at that. They post their song list online so you can make sure whatever obscure request your friend group has can be met!

Where: 360 Yonge St, second floor


As the lounge itself puts it: “karaoke allows people to sing their favourite songs and relieve stress.” While we don’t want to relive our stress, we certainly would like to relieve it. This could be that place.

Where: 4901A Yonge St, second floor

8090 KTV


Don’t expect much from the website, just go ahead and book it and thank us later. The rooms are weirdly luxurious but don’t get too comfy before your song comes on.

Where: 530 Dundas St W



Half a million songs, and it’s all coin-operated? We’ll be here until they pry the mic out of our cold, dead hands at last call. Also, they’ve got rooms that range from cozy 2 people spaces to enough for the whole group!

Where: 693 Bloor St W


Back in the day, this was actually a karaoke bar. Now, it’s got karaoke on Tuesdays! Tuesdays were really boring for us until we discovered this.

Where: 110 Ossington Ave



This is the steadfast lover of the Toronto karaoke scene. Well, you know what we mean. Stop by for drinks, snacks, and a lot of tone deafness.

Where: 5586 Yonge St


Looking for a slightly more pub-with-karaoke feel than a karaoke-pub feel? If you’re wanting to play it off like you came for a casual drink and just happened to stun the crowd because you just happened to be handed a microphone, be here on Fridays and Saturdays!

Where: 7 King St E

So what’s your go-to song? Get it lined up at these awesome karaoke bars in Toronto. We’ll be there to harmonize.