As the weather gets warmer in the city, we all could use a little cooling down. And what better way than to splash into some stellar swimming holes just outside Toronto? There’s nothing quite as refreshing as taking a dip in a freshwater swimming hole. Which is why each of the spots on this list are definite must-tries this summer. So pile in the car and head to one of these spots! Trust us, it’ll be just what you need.

Now before we get too far, keep in mind that some of these parks may have limited access and amenities due to COVID-19. Be sure to research beforehand and, as always, stay safe!

Here are 6 of the best swimming holes to check out near Toronto.


decew falls
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Who doesn’t love taking a dip in a waterfall? Well at this gorgeous watering hole that’s exactly what you can do! Plus, you can hike the trail while you’re there. Sounds like the best of both worlds to us!

Distance from Toronto: 116 KM (about 1.5 hours)


Bruce peninsula swimming holes toronto
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What better way to splash into summer than a dip at this famous watering hole? With water this clear, who needs the city? Be sure to check out the Lion’s Head lookout while you’re there!

Distance from Toronto: 312 KM (about 3.5 hours)


elora quarry
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This special spot is a staple nearby swimming hole. And the heart-shaped lake is a definite must-see. But be sure to get there early. Because COVID-19 restrictions have maxed capacity at 1,300 guests. We would hate for you to drive out there only to turn right back around!

Distance from Toronto: 117 KM (about 1 hour and 40minutes)


swimming holes toronto
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Grab your honey and take ’em to this spot if you wanna drop major hints about a wedding in the future. It’s called Bridal Veil Falls for a reason, y’all. This spot is super romantic. Sounds like swimming in a waterfall is your next date activity!

Distance from Toronto: 561 KM (about 5 hours)


darlington park
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Speaking of cute date spots, why not grab your darling and head to Darlington Park. What? It’s right there in the name. Plus, this gorgeous summer spot is only an hour outside of the city!

Distance from Toronto: 70 KM (about 1 hour)


hilton falls swimming holes toronto
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And keep on chasing those waterfalls at this incredible spot. Make sure you pack a camera to snap some shots of the incredible views!

Distance from Toronto: 65 KM (about 45 minutes)

So get out there and splash into summer with these amazing swimming holes near Toronto! We know we will be!