Usually, we’re a bunch of hermits here at Curiocity, but sometimes we end up out and about. While we’re out, all we can think about is what to eat afterwards. Fortunately, Edmonton has got a solid selection of late-night food, from Mexican to Vietnamese! If you’re curious, we’re looking for restaurants that are at least open until midnight most days, and past that on weekends. No, “Oh, 10PM is late-night dining”. That’s just a European dinner.

Here are the best spots for late-night food in Edmonton.

El Cortez

late night food el cortez

This is one of two spots we picked where you get to keep the party going while eating. El Cortez is no stranger to busy weekends, especially since they’ve got a club of sorts in the basement. But hey, maybe a shot of tequila is the perfect way to cap off three tacos?

Hours: Monday, 4PM-11PM, Tuesday, 4PM-2AM, Wednesday/Thursday, 4PM-12AM, Friday/Saturday, 11AM-2AM, and Sunday, 11AM-11PM
Where: 8230 Gateway Blvd NW

The Next Act

late night food edmonton next act

Burgers and fries, buckos! The Next Act is yet another institution of a spot that walks the line between late-night diner and hip eatery. What’s more surprising about that is they’ve also been around a couple of decades. Most importantly, these folks have that poutine you’re craving.

Hours: Monday to Thursday, 11AM-12AM, Friday, 11AM-1AM, Saturday, 10AM-1AM and Sunday, 10AM-12AM
Where: 8224 104 St NW

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Miss Saigon

miss saigon

Whether grabbing takeout banh-mi or sitting down for a bowl of pho, once the wave of Vietnamese food cravings hits you there’s no escaping it. Embrace it instead with a trip to Miss Saigon. Not only do they have great hours, but they’re also one of the highest-rated in the city!

Hours: Sunday to Thursday, 11AM-12AM and Friday/Saturday, 11AM-4AM
Where: 10355 78 Ave NW

Have Mercy

late night food have mercy

Everything on the menu here is under $8, which means more options for you. We think that the mac and cheese or the potato skins would be the biggest risk/reward choices, and for sure after a night of drinking. Wow, we want potato skins now and we’re completely sober.

Hours: Monday to Thursday, 4PM-12AM, Friday/Saturday, 11AM-2AM and Sunday, 11AM-12AM
Where: 8232 Gateway Boulevard NW

Top Donair

top donair late night food

Donairs might just be Canada’s national late night dish. It’s a crazy thing to say considering, you know, the whole poutine thing. However, any time we’re out with friends the top pick is a quick donair on the way home. Plus, with three locations, it’s more convenient than ever!

Hours: Vary per location
Where: 3 locations around Edmonton

All Happy Family Restaurant


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We can’t forget how good some early (EARLY!) morning Chinese food can taste. House fried rice, some dumplings, and maybe even a little peach chicken to round things off. Like all Chinese restaurants, this is definitely best experienced when dining with a large group.

When: Daily, 11AM-4AM
Where: 10011 106 Avenue NW

Now, the next time you’re craving some great late-night food in Edmonton, you can look to this handy guide. We’re probably going to bookmark it ourselves. What can we say, we’re proud of these picks!