Hey Calgary, captain obvious here to let you know that it’s winter outside! We’ve had enough of the chill, and we’re sure you have too. Luckily, we live in a city with an imagination. We can be here, but we don’t really have to be here. Let’s go on vacation! Here are 6 places in Calgary where it’s summer all year-round.



Chilitos is an intimate restaurant, but they make up for the lack of square footage with the size of their margaritas – which are massive. The colourful murals, concrete and brick walls, and scattered foliage are all warm and tropical, and their drinks are frosty and cheap. It’s the perfect place for a date or just to catch up with some friends.

Where: 1309 17 Ave SW, Calgary



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The Devonian Gardens are a downtown Calgary bucket list item! Located just above The CORE Shopping Center, the gardens are an amazing year-round tropical oasis. It’s basically an indoor jungle.

Where:400, 317 – 7 Avenue SW, Calgary


A good cocktail has the ability to take you to a different time or place, as long as your table is as far from any window or door. At Tropical, the drinks are either the size of your head, strong as hell, or are served in a fruit. Or maybe all of the above.

Where: 1424 17th Avenue SW, Calgary

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TEQUILA! Anejo is a trendy, kind of quaint tequila bar right on 4th, known for its stellar margaritas and authentic foods. With 200 different tequilas, they actually also have the largest selection in all of Canada. Check out their halfy-hour every day between 3 pm and 5 pm!

Where: 2 – 2116 4th Street SW, Calgary


Running through sand is tough, but how are we supposed to perfect doing it for absolutely no reason than to say we did without a beach! Turns out, Calgary basically has one and it’s indoors. At this vollyball club, it’s August all year round!

Where: 3030 – 2600 Portland Street SE, Calgary


Calcutta Cricket Club gives us a serious safari club meets cosmopolitan housewife in the 60s vibe. Here the drinks are to die for, the food is inventive and the ambience is just right. You’ll swear you were on vacation.

Where: 340 – 17 Avenue, Calgary

There you have it, pals. Places in Calgary where it’ll feel like summer all year round. We can’t help you with your vitamin D deficiency, but we can help you drink enough until you feel like you’re on vacation. Have fun out there!