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Guide: 5 restaurants in Calgary with breathtaking views

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Is there anything better than great food and a window seat with a solid panoramic? There’s something magical about eating a meal hundreds of feet in the air, overlooking a lake or facing a skyline. Call it favouritism, but Calgary is one of the most beautiful cities in Canada, and we love a restaurant that celebrates that! Here are 5 Calgary restaurants with a great view.

SKY 360

How could we do an article about #views without this iconic resto? Sky 360 is a gourmet lounge overlooking the entire city at the tippy-top of the Calgary Tower. Day or night, downtown looks incredible from way up here. Pro tip: consider taking a Gravol before grabbing a bite, especially if you’re prone to motion sickness. Their name is quite literal, guys. Sky 360 is not only high above the streets of YYC, but it also rotates.

Where: 101 9th Ave. SW, Calgary


This restaurant sits right on the edge of Lake Bonavista. In the summertime, watch the sunset over the water, and in the winter look out onto a frozen wonderland. The Lakehouse is romantic, cozy and relaxing. It’s like a spa for your taste buds. Also, you might be entertained by people bellyflopping or eating it while skating. Entertaiment!

Where: 747 Lake Bonavista Dr SE, Calgary


Like the Lake House, the River Cafe sits right on the water. Cozy up with a glass of wine next to the fireplace and take in the view of the Calgary skyline over the Bow in Prince’s Island Park. This place has a great location and it also has incredible food. Just check their credentials! The River Cafe has made it on the top 100 list of Canada’s Best Restaurants not once, but several times. Impressive.

Where: 25 Prince’s Island Park, Calgary

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Out one window you’ll see beautiful views of their impressive garden and out the other, an unparalleled view of the Calgary skyline and the Elbow River. The Deane House is absolutely gorgeous, which is why this landmark is such a hotspot for weddings and romantic dinners. Also, it’s allegedly hella haunted, which is cool too.

Where: 806 9 Ave SE, Calgary


calgary restaurants view

Murrieta’s is another spot above downtown. It’s not as high over the streets as Sky360, but it is smack dab in the middle of Stephen Avenue, which is gorgeous. In the summer when they open up their balcony, you can actually sit right along the edge. It’s basically ground zero for Calgary people watching.

Where: 808 1 St SW #200, Calgary

There you have it, Calgary. 5 restaurants with an incredible view! Sorry to everyone who will have to endure 10,000 Insta stories of you at dinner. Honestly though, we’d choose food and sunsets over blurry, distorted concert clips any day.

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