Okay Toronto, to say times are tough right now might be an understatement. What’s one thing that always puts a smile on our face? Looking at beautiful homes. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Purplebricks to give you a list of some truly daydream-worthy homes around Southern Ontario. We might not be able to do our usual routines every day, but hey- at least we’ve got our imaginations!

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So, let’s get to it! Here are six of our picks of gorgeous homes you can dream of all day long. Enjoy!

An Innisfil Hideaway

cabin in the woods purple bricks

Cabin in the woods but make it…sexy? Is it weird that we just called this place sexy? Probably, but oh well. We stand by it. Obviously, this entire home is stunning. From the open concept and loft to the soaring cathedral ceilings, all the way to the modern kitchen. Not to mention the master bath, which might be the star of the show. If we could spend all of our self-isolation time in that tub we’d be just fine.

A Backyard Oasis

purple brick real estate

This Mississauga beauty is the dream house we always built on Sims…or tried to, at least. The outdoor area is an absolute blessing, and we could spend the next 8 hours daydreaming of being in the gorgeous backyard pool. Oh, it’s also got a cabana bar. Yeah, we could quarantine all over this place.

A Mississauga Stunner

recliner house

6 recliners in one home theatre makes for a very ideal self-isolation spot. This spot also has a pretty ideal home gym, but when recliners are present, we’re not sure we even care. Was that a joke? Honestly, we’re on day…20? 40? 100? of quarantine, we’re not even sure anymore. We are sure that this house checks all of our dreamy boxes, though! We can seriously imagine ourselves being horizontal, like all. over. this. place.

A Presidential Estate

Via Purple Bricks ontario real estate

So this house would definitely make us the best versions of ourselves, quarantine or not. The home office? Major oval office vibes. The kitchen? Perfect to channel your inner Barefoot Contessa. The gym? Nice enough to actually make us want to workout.

A Blank Canvas Beach House

Via Purple Bricks ontario real estate

This spot is the blank canvas we’ve always wanted. Well, if you consider a “stunning open concept home with waterfront views and modern amenities” to be a blank canvas, at least. This is the ideal beach getaway, and pretty much Canada’s version of a Malibu beach house.

A farm fit for the whole family

Via Purple Bricks ontario real estate

Last but not least, we’ve got this Troy gem. The 20-acre farm is complete with a gorgeous stonewalled home and equestrian facility. Yes, you read that right. Equestrian facility. It’s fully loaded with 31 stalls, two show rings, and an indoor arena. If only you could spend your days of self-isolation on horseback!

Alright guys, that’s it for now. Hopefully, this list will keep you busy daydreaming, all day long. Stay healthy, and stay kind!