Seattle is known for a lot of things, but did you know it’s considered one of the best-read cities in the US? There’s not a ton more exciting to a local bookworm than a great independent bookstore. The smell, the cozy halls, the endless stories to pick- we wish we were cool reading people. Maybe we’ll get a start by checking out some of the best bookstores in Seattle?

Here are 6 of the best bookstores in Seattle.

Elliot Bay Bookstore

Elliot Bay Books has it all! This bookstore is huge and has a prime location right in the middle of Capitol Hill. Plus, they also have a great cafe in the back called Little Odd Fellows. So if you’re looking to buy some books and get some work done, we highly recommend getting cozy with a latte in here.

Where: 1521 10th Ave

Open Books: A Poem Emporium

seattle's best bookstores

Don’t let its small size fool you, Open Books has more than 10,000 new, used, and out-of-print poetry books. Dang, that’s a collection right there. We can feel ourselves ruminating over our high school breakup again. Poetry gets us in our feels. If you’re a fan of poetry, this should be your first stop as it’s too unique and special to pass up!

Where: 2414 North 45th Street

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Left Bank Books

seattle's best bookstores

Left Bank is an oldie but a goodie, situated right at the mouth of Pike Place Market. Their collection is what we could call zany- lots of radical stuff. Along with that, they have near 70 sections that span the literary & scholarly spectrum. It’s the perfect bookstore to find unique titles on engaging and relevant topics. Stretch that miiiind!

Where: 92 Pike St # B

Third Place Books

seattle's best bookstores

Third Place is another general interest bookstore with hundreds of thousands of new and used books between their three stores. It’s a great place to sell your read favorites, hang out, or grab a bite to eat at their cafe. What makes this bookstore even better is that they are truly about the community and host a ton of literary events! It’s locally loved and considered one of the best bookstores in Seattle, especially for those of you living to the north and east.

Where: Multiple locations

Arundel Books

seattle's best bookstores

This bookstore is a hidden gem, let us tell ya. They’re located in Pioneer Square and stock books for both casual readers and devoted collectors. You can expect books ranging from $4 paperbacks to leather bindings and rare first editions!

Where: 212 1st Ave S

Ada’s Technical Books and Cafe

seattle's best bookstores

Ada’s is located smack dab in the heart of Capitol Hill, and it’s a cozy meeting place with a great in-store cafe. It’s the ultimate bookstore to geek out in, because they believe in never-ending learning, evolving and collaboration. AKA, you’re going to learn something new here! Go ahead, get your gears turning and feed that curiosity.

Where: 425 15th Avenue East

We hope you’re into our shortlist of the best bookstores in Seattle. Go get those glasses on and find your new favourite title, and then let us know what we should be reading!