We’ve spent so many hours looking up from home magazines to our actual apartment and shedding a tear. Fear no more, friends. Whether you’re an interior design noob or you watch Joanna Gaines’ every move, we’ve got an easy way for you to create a stunning home! What better way to start sprucing up your space than some design inspo from Eternity Modern and some of Seattle’s most beautiful homes? Settle in, we’re about to get real cute in here.

eternity modern seattle most beautiful homes

eternity modern seattle most beautiful homes

First of all, let’s set the mood with Eternity Modern 101. Eternity Modern is headquartered in the Pacific Northwest, just a hop, skip, and a jump away in Vancouver, BC. They now have warehouses and distribution centers all over the world. Established in 2005, Eternity Modern believes that iconic mid-century design improves our lives and should be appreciated by all generations!

At Eternity Modern, you can expect to receive exceptional quality and craftsmanship in each timeless piece. Looking for a new addition to your home? Check out the womb chair, it’s one of their most popular items among customers! Through cutting edge advances in their factory’s technology, combined with prized knowledge of their craftsmen and their skills, Eternity Modern’s customers can rest assured knowing their brand-new, beautiful home find is the perfect addition.

eternity modern seattle most beautiful homes

We’re feeling pretty inspired right about now. We’re also measuring a corner in our bedroom because that chair needs to be there.

Now, shall we check out some of Seattle’s most beautiful homes?


lake union

Imagine walking out your back door and right into Lake Union. Okay wait, not right into the lake, that might not be the way you want to start your morning. Imagine sitting on your upper balcony and gazing out at the water. This insane all-modern home features a stunning spiral staircase and a truly unique location.


This one of a kind home is also the first photo in this piece. It’s nestled right up onto the beach, and every detail creates a blissful, calm Pacific Northwest experience. Ralph Anderson uses plenty of mid-century modern inspo in his designs, and we’re loving it.


home seattle

This 1954 stunner in Washington Park was originally designed by William Bain. An impressive remodel added a second story, but kept plenty of the old school charm. Our favorite part? The pool with lake views.


seattle house

Ugh, we are such suckers for a Mediterranean-style home. It almost makes us feel warm on rainy Seattle day. Almost. We’ve been reaching out to the owners here to let us take up one of the bedrooms, but they haven’t responded. Come on people, you’ve got 5 of them!



These ceilings are so high, we threw out our neck looking at them. We’ll be on the couch trying to fix that, but you should be admiring this incredible modern home on McGilvra. We could definitely see ourselves lounging around in this lofty, open space. You’re invited if you wanna bring some snacks for HGTV and chill.

Holy smokes, Seattle is home to some insane homes. While you might not be on the market for one of these stunners, you can most certainly make your own space great with Eternity Modern. Whether it’s feature pieces or a whole-room makeover, they’ve got everything to make your own home feel like one of Seattle’s most beautiful.


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