What’s that? Your friends are going to snag themselves a drink (or ten) in Kitsilano this weekend and need a few recommendations on where they should hit up? Hoo boy, have they come to the right person because after this guide you might as well be a local guide on Google! (Please don’t actually become a local guide on Google)

Here are 15 great places to grab yourself a drink in Kitsilano.



We’re going to snake through the neighbourhood starting here and ending right beside the beach. Yagger’s is a no-frills sports bar with great wings and cheap beer specials. Perfect for after a game of pick up basketball or something.

Hours: Monday to Friday, 3PM-2AM, Saturday, 12PM-2AM, and Sunday, 12PM-12AM
Where: 2884 W Broadway

Colony Bar

colony bar

We’re pretty sure that this is the first location in the city for Colony. Upscale but definitely still casual, Colony is one of the few that finds the balance between popular bar tropes and neighbourhood vibes. Big shout out.

Hours: Monday to Thursday, 11:30AM-1AM, Friday, 11:30AM-2AM, Saturday, 10AM-2AM, and Sunday, 10AM-12AM
Where: 3255 W Broadway

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elwoods bar

A self-proclaimed hole in the wall, Elwood’s is definitely a little more divey than the previous two. Has that ever stopped us from going here? Absolutely not, in fact, it’s a refreshing change of pace from the usual kits vibe.

Hours: Monday to Friday, 4PM-2AM, Saturday, 12PM-2AM, and Sunday, 12PM-12AM
Where: 3357 W Broadway

Wolf and Hound

wolf and hound

Kind of a weird spot for an Irish pub, but we’re not complaining. The perfect choice for your friend who says that he’s ‘been everywhere’ in Kitsilano, when you know he’s only referring The Bimini and Local.

Hours: Monday, 4-10: 30 PM, Tuesday to Thursday, 12PM-12AM, Friday/Saturday, 12PM-1AM and Sunday, 11AM-11PM
Where: 3617 W Broadway


This spot is just outside of Kitsilano limits but we love it so much that it’s getting thrown in. Japanese draft is available, but you’re a fool if you don’t get a boozy ginger ale on a hot day. A damn fool, yeah, we’re that confident.

Hours: Sunday to Thursday, 5:30PM-11: 30 PM and Friday/Saturday, 5:30PM-12AM
Where: 3763 W 10th Avenue



This wine bar is attached to one of the best Italian restaurants in the city, La Quercia. By far the most upscale spot on this list, head to L’Ufficio after your date on the beach to really impress them.

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 5-10: 30 PM, closed Sunday/Monday
Where: 3687 W 4th Avenue

The Cove

the cove

And we’re back to our regular programming. The Cove is the quintessential neighbourhood pub, making it a great stop after hanging out in Point Grey. They have great drink specials daily, as well.

Hours: Monday to Thursday, 11AM-12AM, Friday, 11AM-1AM, Saturday, 10AM-1AM and Sunday, 10AM-12AM
Where: 3681 W 4th Avenue


castaway bar

The newest addition to Kits, Castaway replaced The Blenheim, which in turn replaced another bar that we can’t even remember the name of. Light cocktails like mojitos, pina coladas, and mai tais are the things to get here. Plus, they’ve got a great patio.

Hours: Monday to Thursday, 4PM-12AM, Friday, 4PM-1AM, Saturday, 10AM-1AM and Sunday, 10AM-12AM
Where: 3293 W 4th Avenue


darby's pub

A Kitsilano staple, the main draw of Darby’s is their rooftop patio. We think this is the spot to go when you have time for a pint in the middle of the afternoon because we hate waiting but love patios. Best beer selection on this list and they just finished renovations.

Hours: Monday to Thursday, 11AM-1AM, Friday, 11AM-2AM, Saturday, 10AM-2AM and Sunday, 10AM-1AM
Where: 2001 MacDonald Street

Las Margaritas

las margs

These guys are on the list specifically because you can get $5 slushy margaritas during happy hour. That is simply too good to pass up in our eyes, but it’s only Monday to Thursday. Looks like you’re leaving work early next week.

Hours: Sunday to Thursday, 11:30AM-10PM and Friday/Saturday, 11:30AM-11PM
Where: 1999 W 4th Avenue



Corduroy is open late every night and has $10 cocktails. Need we say more? Ok, happy hour is all day every day, with $12 jugs of house draft and $7 double highballs. Try and beat that convenience, we dare you.

Hours: Monday to Saturday, 4PM-2AM and Sunday, 4PM-12AM
Where: 1943 Cornwall Avenue

Blue Martini

blue martini

With live music practically every night of the week, your best bet is reserving a spot here beforehand. Much like L’ufficio, this is a great place to be impressed by the variety and quality of places to drink in Kitsilano.

Hours: Sunday/Tuesday to Thursday, 4:30PM-11PM and Friday/Saturday, 4:30PM-12AM, closed Monday
Where: 1516 Yew Street



A short walk from the beach featuring really solid happy hour deals. Swing by for buck a shuck and $8 glasses of wine on the patio (the Lock and Worth Semillon is actually delicious). Seems like they’re working on a new brunch menu, and we’re really hoping they keep the all-day mimosas and caesars around.

Hours: Monday to Friday, 5PM-11: 45 PM and Saturday/Sunday, 10:30AM-11: 45 PM
Where: 2201 W 1st Avenue

The Ellis

the ellis

A really nice low key spot that has a great cocktail list and a solid selection of spirits. A good place to go when you want to stay local but don’t want to deal with the hustle and bustle of the other places besides the beach.

Hours: Tuesday to Thursday, 5-11PM, Friday, 3PM-1AM, Saturday, 10AM-12AM and Sunday, 10AM-10PM, closed Monday
Where: 2204 York Avenue


local kits

We could only delay the inevitable. Rumour has it that if you’ve not been to Local at least once then you’ve never even been to Kitsilano. Now accepting bets on how long it takes before your friend suggests a great ‘local’ bar that they went to all the time while they were studying business at UBC.

Hours: Monday to Thursday, 11AM-1AM, Friday, 11AM-2AM, Saturday, 10AM-2AM and Sunday, 10AM-1AM
Where: 2210 Cornwall Avenue

And that’s our list of spots to drink in Kitsilano! Hopefully, we included your favourite. Heck, maybe we even introduced you to a new one, fingers crossed!