What’s the fall mood, Calgary? Pumpkin spice and everything nice is our ~vibe~ this month. With cold weather comes a killer fall activities bucket list in Calgary – beanie up and get out there! Calgary is a wonderland in the fall, if we do say so ourselves. Let’s hope for minimal blizzards.

Here are 12 amazing fall bucket list activities in Calgary!


couple in pumpkin patch

Frolic around this family-run farm and Instagram your little heart out! This adorable pumpkin festival is everything. It’s held every year so you might say they’re experienced in the pumpkin game. Hit the public market which is open year-round, pop into the pumpkin patch. Some of these mighty gourds are impressive , so remember, lift with your knees, not with your back!

When: October 19th – 20th
Where: 226066 – 112th St W Foothills, Alberta
Cost: Free


ghost in field

See a darker side of Calgary. Start your evening with a few drinks and then head to your chosen meeting point. Wince, cringe and mix and mingle with other groups while you visit “active” sights on one of these tophat guided lantern-lit tours. It’s Are you Afraid of the Dark, meets, “… that’s where we had dinner”… We’d recommend wearing comfortable shoes and sleeping with the light on.

When: September 27 – November 1
Cost: $20


corn maze

If you know, you know. Cobbs’ corn maze is THE fall go-to! The maze is fairly difficult but won’t give you a Jack Nicholson/ The Shining panic attack… unless you chose to do the maze after dark. For those who get out with time to spare, there are a ton of other things to do in the park. Mini golf, kettle corn, and a trampoline park, to name a few! The cherry on top is the kangaroo petting zoo.

When: September 6 – October 27th
Where: 1500 – 84 St NE


rocky horror picture show

Where else can you say it was socially acceptable to throw bread in a public place as an adult? We see you shivering with ‘antici…pation’ for Halloween, so what better way to kick off the creepy-crawlidays then doing the Timewarp? Seeing this cult classic on the big screen is an interactive experience, with encouraged howling, props and singing. Let loose and get weird! Fishnets and glitter are encouraged.

When: October 26
Where: Rotary Performing Arts Centre, 3 Elma St. E, Okotoks
Cost: $20 Advanced tickets – $25 at the door


This should really be a no brainer. Calgary’s parks are seriously beautiful in the fall. Give mother nature your undivided attention, she deserves it Stretch those legs, grab a hot bevvy and breathe deep, because soon it’ll be too cold to leave your house.

Cost: Free


hot tub

Treat yo self! This summer you’ve fallen off a jet ski, you’ve had more then one motorized scooter accident, and you’ve run a marathon (probably not, but you said you would). Those summer activities were hard on your bod, so give it some love. Get out to the hot pools and melt the day away. RNR, kids!

Where: 1 Centennial Dr, Kananaskis


coffee shop

Turtle necks, a good book and a cup of joe. It’s picturesque, isn’t it? Calgary has almost been overrun by trendy cafes. Connect to the free WIFI steps away from a friendly habit enabler. While you look productive, Shazam the hell out of the house Spotify playlist, probably put together by someone who is like, 85% kombucha.

Where: Check out this list for the best cafes around the city



Chug, chug, chug! Or sip in moderation… whatever your style is. Rocky Moutain Wine and Food Festival is a ton of fun. Slurp and chew the best from all over Calgary over two of the tastiest days of the year. This festival has been running for over 20 years, which means they’re “aged to perfection!”

Where: Stampede Park, BMO Center
When: October 18-19


scary face

Something wicked this way comes! No, seriously, there’s a guy with a chainsaw in Pennywise face chasing you. Get zoinked by zombies or admire the bloody details. Put fight or flight to the test and talk a big game before entering one of the mazes, just to leave with wet pants.

When: October 11 – 14
Where: BMO Centre, 20 Roundup Way SE, Calgary
Cost: General one day admission $30


air balloon at night

Okay, so we’re freaking out about this one. Air balloons are stupid cool and probably on almost everyone’s bucket lists, regardless of the season. Oooh and Ahhh while giant inflatables float peacefully overhead. Get up close and personal with the balloons, day or night. Yes, Night! No, that isn’t a UFO, its a balloon! This years’ featured event is ‘Glow’… where the balloons will, you know, glow. We cannot wait!

When: September 25 – 29
Where: MacLeod Tr SW, High River



Hopefully you can check this off your list before the city freezes over. Pack your picnic basket full of sammys and chill out on a blanket under the trees. The wasps are mostly gone at this point so don’t fret snacking on some sweets! Bocce Ball anyone?

Cost: Free



You know the drill… Thanksgiving with your family usually ends up on a political argument that your tipsy uncle gets wrongfully involved in. When you’re with your pals it’s nothing but good food. Well, mostly, because your mom’s mashed potatoes are obviously better. Either way, good drinks and good mems! Yeah, you might burn that turkey, but you tried! Worst case scenario you order Skip, and at least you’re still together.

Cost: Free

So… Now it’s just a matter of what to do first. Your time is limited to get in all these insane fall activites, Calgary! GO, GO, GO! We promise you won’t regret it. Especially when in two months when you’re stuck in traffic because a truck got stuck behind another truck that was trying to tow another truck out of the ditch. Ahhhh…. Canadian winter.