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Guide: 13 Essential Calgary Coffee Shops to hit up

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Are you one of those “don’t talk to me till I’ve had my morning coffee” people? Perfect. This list is for you, so keep reading for 13 essential coffee shops in Calgary. We can’t promise that people won’t harass you while you’re heading there, but we can promise some seriously tasty sips.


essential calgary coffee shops
With a serious commitment to top-notch coffee, Societe is an obvious pick on this list. They’re currently serving tasty beans from Pilot Coffee and The Barn, so head over for a delicious cup and stay for the chill vibes. And don’t miss their matcha pop up ShaKai!


essential calgary coffee shops
Analog’s history in coffee dates aaaall the way back to 1974 when Cam Prefontaine started a wholesale coffee company in his garage and basement! We gotta ask… Would you have taken that first basement sip? ‘Cause we’re pretty sure we would’ve been hooked from day 1.


essential calgary coffee shops

If you’re into local micro-roasted beans and fresh in-house baking, you’ll like Bullet. It’s perfect for anyone who lives around the Cambrian Heights area (or if you’re happening to pass through!).


essential calgary coffee shops
Look, we know coffee’s the star here… but Euphoria’s French pastries, grilled paninis, and waffles can’t be ignored. They’ve got paleo, gluten-free, vegan, and dairy free options, too! As for the beans, they come from Rosso Coffee Roasters and turn into delicious hand-crafted cappuccinos. Yum.

Cafe Beano

essential calgary coffee shops

This cafe used to be a spot for skaters or hipsters only, but with a pet-friendly patio and some wicked eats, it now has an audience that’s growing outside the crowd we once knew. Next time you’re strolling 17th, take a break at Beano! We’re not saying you have to order a Vietnamese Iced Coffee, but we are definitely strongly suggesting you do.


essential calgary coffee shops

With a national award-winning team and 20+ years of experience in sourcing, roasting and serving coffee, Monogram has the game down. Try their coconut latte with matcha, we promise you’ll enjoy!

Higher Ground

essential calgary coffee shops
Higher Ground is one of those spots we’d hang out at even if we didn’t have a minor major coffee addiction. The space is cozy, they’re fully licensed, and they have delicious drinks. Plus, they’ve got Mini Egg Cheesecakes and Mini Egg Mochas. Need we say more?


essential calgary coffee shops

Rosso won the Canadian Barista Champion title in 2018 and 2019, so they’re clearly pretty damn good at what they do. From their cheese biscuits to their turmeric lattes, we’ve fallen hard for this place (and we don’t plan on ending this love affair anytime soon).


essential calgary coffee shops
Everyone in town knows is that 17th Avenue is a great place to start any Calgary adventure, and Philosafy Coffee is definitely gonna deliver that super delicious caffeine boost you need to rock the day. Don’t leave without a caramel latte!

Analog Mahogany

analog coffee westman village

So we mentioned Analog once already. Whatever! Who cares! We do what we want here at Curiocity, and what we want is to make you check out the new shop in Mahogany. It’s stupid beautiful, has the company’s first in-house bakery, and a liquor license. Score!

Friends Cafe

essential calgary coffee shops

When they say “friends”, they mean friends. This place will actually remember how you want your coffee to be made, so it definitely doesn’t hurt to become a regular here. Bonus: all their food tastes like home cooking!

Phil & Sebastian

essential calgary coffee shops

Good days start with teak wood panels, marble counters, and delicious coffee from Phil & Seb. Pair it with a Hoopla donut, and you’re seriously set to take on whatever ridiculousness hits you this week.


essential calgary coffee shops

Vendome’s matcha tea lattes are made with premium matcha from Japan! They get the good stuff thanks to their tea sommelier (we didn’t realize that was a real thing either). They also have an unreal vegan Chia Bowl to go with it!

There you have it Calgary: 13 places you’ve gotta hit for your morning pick-me-up! As always, tag us in your Instas as soon as you check these spots out.

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