What’s the point of living in the prettiest city in Canada if you can’t share it? Ok, there are a lot of them, but having Vancouver’s best photographers on your Instagram feed is a nice bonus. So, we’ve rounded up the cream of the crop for you, from cityscapes to fashion to food. Now, all you need to do is figure out how to emulate what they’re up to.

Here are 12 of Vancouver’s best photographers.

Vancouver Specific- @erikandersen

vancouver best photographer erik andersen

This guy’s one of the photographers who is featured the most on our own Instagram. His cityscapes are second to none, and easily capture the beauty of Vancouver’s best vistas. From False Creek to North Vancouver, Erik is perfect for those who want to appreciate our own backyard.

Vancouver Culture – @amrinprasad

vancouver photographer amrin prasad

Amrin’s feed is a great mix of major concerts and gorgeous shots of the city. Looking for a reason to check out that show your friends are going to this weekend? Scroll through his feed and you’ll find the energy, guaranteed.

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Local Travel – @vancitywild

vancouver photographers vancitywild

This family seems to have a life we can only dream of. They explore new and exciting parts of the lower mainland each week, with some larger trips sprinkled in here and there. Plus, the photos are sure to get you trying to organize a day trip with friends.

General Travel – @emmett_sparling

vancouver photographers emmett

With just under half a million followers, it’s likely that you already follow Emmett. For those of you who don’t, get ready to be constantly writing down new places to visit. Seriously, does this guy ever spend more than one week somewhere?

Food – @therichwon

vancouver photographer richwon

As the founder of #teamchomp, Rich’s posts are a perfect combination of informative and appetizing. Basically, all you have to do is scroll through his feed and you’ll find dozens of new places to check out.

Fashion/Still Life – @ianlanterman

vancouver photographers ian

Although he posts very rarely (we’re talking months in between here), Ian’s feed is perfect for your inner fashion nerd. Getting ready to show off that new outfit you just got from Dover Street? Give this account a look for inspiration.

Fashion/Portrait – @bonjourlatour

vancouver photos bonjour

Confession time- we usually do not like Instagram photos that incorporate borders. So, the fact that they are ever-present in Jennifer’s posts speak to her skill as a photographer. Imagine seeing them in the proper format! Like a magazine or gallery. Boy, wouldn’t that be something.

Photojournalism – @alanapaterson

vancouver photographers alana

Alana’s work ranges from candid shots of midwestern life to political figures to Indigenous youth basketball teams. What’s most impressive is that each one is as engaging as the last. Definitely one of the more interesting people on this list, in our opinion.

Architecture – @emaphotographi

vancouver photography ema

Ema is an award-winning architecture photographer whose work has been featured in Architectural Digest, Wallpaper and Dezeen. So yeah, she’s kind of a big deal in the field.

Interior Design – @conradbrownphotography

vancouver photographer conrad

Another person that posts rarely, but when they do it’s pure gold. Are you looking for some inspiration when it comes to your home’s interior design? This account provides you with everything you’ll need.

Street Photography – @fredherzogphotography

fred herzog

An absolute OG, who has been photographing Vancouver for decades. Want to see a neverending time capsule of the city? Follow Fred and kick your feet up, because it’s a fantastic ride.

Miscellaneous – @brit_gill

vancouver britney gill

Britney’s account has got a little bit of everything, and we’re massive fans of it. Sometimes it’s interior, sometimes portraits, sometimes landscape. What we know for sure though is that every time it’s amazing.

The secret’s out! All of Vancouver’s best photographers have been disclosed to you, dear reader. Now what the heck are we going to talk about at parties? Our knowledge of cool Instagram accounts is all we have!