Sometimes we just want a break from the city. Don’t get us wrong, we love our concrete jungle. But there’s really nothing that compares to an afternoon spent hiking and admiring beautiful waterfalls. And lucky for us, there are a ton of those waterfalls within driving distance of Toronto. Whether you want a full-on hiking experience or just a little glimpse at nature, there’s something on this list for you. So hop in that car and hit the road, these waterfalls are calling your name.

Here are 11 of the most stunning waterfalls to explore near Toronto.



This waterfall (quite obviously) gets its name from its super unique shape, as it looks like a massive punch bowl carved into the ground. It’s a seriously stunning sight to see in person. Which is why we recommend adding it to your bucket list of waterfalls to hit.

Where: Ridge Road, Stoney Creek, Ontario



Rumour has it you can even swim in the little pool at the bottom of these incredible falls. The waterfall stands at 18 metres high and it’s gorgeous flow is moving all year long. So pack a bathing suit and hike up to this unbelievable spot.

Where: 474- 1G7, 480 Scenic Dr, Hamilton, Ontario



This Hamilton spot is a classic for waterfall enthusiasts. You can stop by here for stunning views of the 22 metre curtain falls and it’s not far from the gorgeous Dundas Valley. So we recommend adding a little hike to your afternoon here.

Where: Webster Falls, Hamilton, Ontario



This one’s another Hamilton location. It is the city of waterfalls after all! When you hit up Borer’s Falls, you can expect a 15 metre high beautiful stream. Fun fact, it used to be used to power a sawmill. The mill is no longer in use, but now you can explore the scenic botanical gardens at your next visit. So we think that’s a win.

Where: Borer’s Falls, Hamilton, Ontario



These gorgeous falls are off of the Canterbury Creek and are a whopping 9.5 metres high. The falls are flowing all year round, but as per usual, we’d recommend sneaking a summer trip in to see them in their full glory. Plus, you can explore some seriously stunning scenery when you visit this amazing spot.

Where: 3J3, Bruce Trail, Ancaster, Ontario



This stunner waterfall is a 17 metre high curtain that you won’t wanna miss. It’s super close to two other falls on this list, the Canterbury Falls and Tiffany Falls. So you can hit all three while you’re in the area!

Where: Sherman Falls, Old Dundas Rd, Hamilton



This cascading waterfall is one of the most popular in the province. It’s almost as wide as it is tall, with measurements at 18 metres by 19 metres. And it comes with a gorgeous scenic hike through nature. Seriously, this is the place to pack a picnic and make a day of.

Where: 763-767 Mountain Brow Blvd, Hamilton, Ontario



This gorgeous spot is close to both the Canterbury Falls and the Sherman Falls. So we recommend hitting all three in one day. It’s part of a massive conservation area that is ripe for exploring. Plus, its name reminds us of Tiffany and Co. which just FEELS classy.

Where:900 Wilson St E, Ancaster, Ontario



Stop by these smaller falls on your way to Niagara for a more quaint and quiet experience. They’re surrounded by gorgeous scenery that makes for a beautiful hike. Plus, they’ll give you the distance you’ve been craving from all that city hustle and bustle.

Where: 2714 Decew Rd, St Catherines, Ontario



Rockway Falls will rock your world when you pay them an afternoon visit. They’re a whopping 19.5 metres in height. Plus, they’re super close to our next list item, Ball’s Falls. Do we see a two for one afternoon in your future? Yes, we do.

Where: 2021 Pelham Rd, Lincoln, Ontario



The less mature of us will visit this waterfall just for its inappropriate sounding name. But once we all get past that, it’s actually a super pretty spot! First of all, it’s super close to the Rockway Falls. So you can probably squeeze in both on the same day. And secondly, it’s rushing waters and surrounding foliage is truly a sight for sore eyes.

Where: 317 Dundas St W

So grab that camera and hit the road. You’ve got some incredible waterfalls near Toronto to take in. Happy exploring!