What’s stronger: your upper body or the allure of the couch? If you’re thinking it’s time to step your fitness game up a notch or ten, try these fun workout classes in Toronto. We’ve picked some that actually don’t suck, so you might become one of those weird people who actually ~looks forward~ to working out! Baby steps.

Here are 10 workout classes in Toronto we think you’ll really like.


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32 degrees not quite getting you into full pretzel formation? Take your hot yoga to the next level with California-born infrared technology. Eco-friendly FAR infrared heat panels produce a safe, clean, therapeutic heat that detoxifies the body while enhancing your practice and leaving you refreshed and invigorated. Or, if you’re us, leaving you sweaty and noodly.

Where: 3451 Lakeshore Blvd W
Cost: Try a 1 month into for $59


workout classes in toronto

Getting off the couch is hard, we know. Get your endorphin fix (we promise it’s worth it) with a dance-spin class this week. It’s a little culty, but all those people and their perfect thighs have to be on to something, right?

Where: Soulcycle King St, 435 King St W
Cost: Drop in starts at $32



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Getting bored with your workout routine? We’d say the same if we’d been doing it for more than 3 days. At Fit Factory, there’s a tricked out skill room for some of the best boxing in the city, and a drill room with every piece of equipment you can think of for a dynamic, high-energy workout that’s different every time. The gym offers 4 different styles of instructor-led high-intensity strength and cardio workouts. Such variety!

Where: 373 King St W, 2nd floor
Cost: $33 drop in or $99 1 month unlimited intro


barry's workout class toronto

If “meet me in the red room” conjures images of 50 Shades, you need to get off the couch and get into Barry’s red room. This 50% treadmill, 50% strength training (or 100% strength if you hate running) extravaganza is one of the highest intensity workouts you’ll ever have. It’s a love/hate relationship with Barry.

Where: 310 Richmond St W & 100 Bloor St W
Cost: Single classes start at $32


If you know what Barre Belle is, your thighs are already burning just reading this. It takes elements of dance, strength training, and cardio to turn your noodly bits into strong bits. Looking at you, triceps.

Where: 477 Eglinton Ave
Cost: Single classes start at $28, 2 week unlimited into offer $55


45 workout classes

If treadmills and spin bikes aren’t your style, try the kettlebell and ropes at F45! The classes are team-focused, with individual correction and guidance for every participant. Perfect if you’re cardio machine averse or a little new to the fitness game!

Where: 165 King St W
Cost: Varies based on membership offers, but they offer a 7 day trial


rowing workout class toronto

Let’s row our boat to Scullhouse, to get in on a workout that uses 85% of your muscles without killing your joints. Rowing is wicked effective, and this studio lets you get in on the action with fellow rowing pals for motivation!

Where: 35 Jarvis St
Cost: $26 single class drop-in



Orangetheory is big on those feel-good, community vibes. However, they’re also big on getting your heart rate up. Wearing a tracker, you’ll aim to keep your heart rate in certain target zones to make sure you’re getting all the fitness in. It’s like a fun little competition with yourself, or a way more sweaty real-life video game.

Where: Find all GTA locations here
Cost: Try your first class free, then depends on membership options



A truly one-of-a-kind studio, you can do everything from Pilates to moon cycle-coordinated dance classes here. It’s a little left of centre, but they’ve got a huge array of classes so you’ll find something you’re into. Your instructor is asking you to “remember your light” and you don’t really know what that means, but she’s got a 6-pack so just trust her.

Where: 88 Ossington Ave, Toronto
Cost: Get 2 weeks unlimited for $45, then singles start at $22


undrcrd boxing

Drop Boxing is full of really fit people, equipped with more boxing implements than we know what to do with. You can hide in the back of group classes or get up close and personal with your own trainer. Additionally, enjoy a little R&R for those sore biceps with their team of rehabilitative practitioners.

Where: 161 Spadina Ave
Cost: Find session costs and packages here

Go forth and get sweaty! These are some of the most worthy workout classes in Toronto of your precious time. We hope to see you and your newfound biceps out there. Lookin’ good!