We’re not going to call it just yet, but the recent weather put us in the mood to showcase restaurants in Calgary with the best comfort food. With any luck, we will get a couple more days of sunshine, but if not, here’s what we think stands out in the city.

This is our guide to the best comfort food you can find in Calgary.

Frenchie Wine Bar

frenchie wine bar

Tucked behind Bread and Circus, Frenchie Wine Bar offers the ultimate fall comfort food- fondue. Oh yeah, there’s nothing like some bread dipped in melted cheese to help you get over the fall weather. We suggest the Cacio e Pepe version. Plus! It’s half price on Wednesday and Sunday.

Hours: Sunday/Wednesday/Thursday, 5PM-10PM and Friday/Saturday, 5PM-11PM, Closed Monday and Tuesday
Where: 616 17th Avenue SW

Shiki Menya

shiki menya calgary's best comfort food

The staple spot for ramen in Calgary. Open daily for lunch, these guys have some great options, but it’s the ‘Tonkotsu Black’ with squid ink and black garlic oil that we can’t resist. Basically, it’s the perfect fall noodle soup dish.

Hours: Monday to Saturday, 11AM-3PM, Closed Sunday
Where: 827 1 Avenue NE

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Redheads Japa Cafe

redheads calgary's best comfort food

So let’s say you’re not feeling ramen, but you still want some heartwarming Japanese food. Well, let us be the first to introduce you to the beauty that is Japanese curry. Decadent and creamy, this dish is best served with their deep-fried pork cutlet on top.

Hours: Tuesday to Friday, 11AM-9PM, Saturday/Sunday, 11AM-3PM and 5PM-9PM, Closed Monday
Where: 638 11th Avenue SW

Galaxie Diner

galaxie diner

This hole in the wall diner is great for those days when you’re cold, hungover or a mix of both. Whether you’re getting the breakfast hash or an unlimited topping omelette, do not pass up on the Montreal smoked meat available.

Hours: Monday to Friday, 7AM-3PM and Saturday/Sunday, 7AM-4PM
Where: 1413 11 Street SW

Moti Mahal

moti mahal

A Calgary institution, Moti Mahal does traditional East Indian cuisine, and they do it extremely well. If you’re not feeling like dining in, just grab some takeout instead. Come on, who doesn’t like a little bit of butter chicken as they watch Netflix?

Hours: Lunch Monday to Friday, 11:30AM-1:30PM, Dinner Monday/Tuesday, 5:30PM-9PM, Wednesday/Thursday, 5:30PM-9:30PM, Saturday, 5:30PM-10:30PM and Sunday, 5:30PM-9PM
Where: 1805 14 Street SW

Caesar’s Downtown


So you’re going on a date and want to showcase Calgary’s fantastic steakhouse scene. What better place than at the iconic Caesar’s? Will it be pricey? Yes, but sometimes we can’t help ourselves from spending a serious amount of our paycheck on cheese bread, caesar salad, a great cut of beef, and a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Hours: Monday to Friday, 11AM-10PM, Saturday, 5PM-10PM, Closed Sunday
Where: 512 4 Avenue SW

Vintage Chophouse

vintage chophouse

Just in case you’re not feeling the old world charm of Caesar’s, Vintage is here for you. Not only do they grill up some incredible cuts of steak, but they also have the city’s most decadent mac and cheese dish by far.

Hours: Monday to Wednesday, 11AM-12AM, Thursday/Friday, 11AM-2AM, Saturday, 5PM-2AM, Sunday, 5PM-10PM
Where: 320 11 Avenue SW

Paddy’s Brewbecue

bbq platter at paddys bbq in calgary

We’re going to go out on a limb and say that Paddy’s does the best BBQ in the city. We know that that is an intense statement to make given the competition, but we stand beside it. Go with a couple of friends and grab a platter, trust us.

Hours: Wednesday/Thursday, 11:30AM-9PM, Friday, 11:30AM-10PM, Saturday, 11AM-9PM and Sunday, 11AM-8PM, Closed Monday and Tuesday
Where: 3610 Burnsland Road SE

Cassis Bistro

cassis calgary's best comfort food

French food was made for fall weather. Whether you’re tucking into some meats and cheeses, a croquette, or a meat entree, anything you get from Cassis will have you feeling like you just walked into a nice little restaurant in Le Marais on a particularly blustery day.

Hours: Breakfast/Lunch Tuesday to Sunday, 9AM-2PM, Dinner Sunday/Tuesday/Wednesday, 5PM-9PM and Thursday-Saturday, 5PM-10PM, Closed Monday
Where: 2505 17 Ave SW

Honourable Mention- Niko’s

nikos calgary's best comfort food

We think that if you’re going to get pizza, then it should be from Niko’s. Forget light and airy slices- these guys do not shy away from piling the cheese onto their already heavy slices. They’re currently closed for renos, but we will update you when they reopen.

Yeah, we’re feeling pretty good about this guide to best comfort food in Calgary. Looking forward to seeing you guys out and about, just make sure you bundle up before leaving the house!