We know that romance isn’t one of those concepts that you can put a universal label on. It means something a little bit different to everyone! Some couples find the spark in ambiance, others in a field or at a petting zoo. So, when you’re deciding where to take someone out, especially for the first time, where the hell do you go? Here are 10 places we think are great for a romantic summer date in Calgary.


Calcutta Cricket Club’s patio in the evening is highly underrated. It’s quaint, well lit, private, cozy and the menu is a lot of fun. Split a bottle of wine, some tapas, and enjoy each other’s company while seeing 17th Ave from a totally different perspective.

Where: 340 17 Ave SW, Calgary


The views! The food! Surrounded by the trees of Prince’s Island Park and the Bow River, The River Cafe is what traditionalists describe as romance almost verbatim. Known for holding a wedding almost every other weekend all year round, this one of a kind restaurant is just as tasty as it is beautiful. If it’s good enough for a forever ceremony, it’s definitely good enough for a date!

BONUS: The River Café Picnic – If you really want to get your romance on, consider grabbing one of the very affordable but incredibly cute picnic offerings and enjoying the River Cafe’s roped off area or a spot of your own!

Where: 25 Prince’s Island, Calgary,


This one is a bit outside of the city, but man is it worth the drive – which, for the record could also be super romantic with the right playlist! There’s a really good chance you’ve seen photos of Paradise Hill, and with good reason. It’s freaking incredible. There really is no other place like it. Also, its a great photo op, and who doesn’t love a good couple’s pic?

Where: 280011 Township Rd 162, Nanton



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They say a way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, but we would disagree. Take us to a field full of doggos and we’re forever yours. Grab a coffee, and take a sunset stroll with your significant other and a furry friend along the pathways in Roxoboro Off-Leash Dog Park. Or, if you’re creature-less, just go and watch. We certainly don’t judge, we do it too.

Where: 3010 Roxboro Glen Rd SW, Calgary

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Granary Road has a little bit of everything to do, see and eat. In the summertime, check out their petting zoo, the artisanal market,  who’s building was actually inspired by the wineries in Sanoma Valley or their beautiful outdoor gardens. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, grab a drink and a bite to eat at The Loft a cute little lounge that overlooks the Foothills

Where: 226066 112 Street W, Foothills No. 31, AB


Slip into so semi-formal digs and graze YYC’s newest museum, Contemporary Calgary. Grab a glass of wine and float through the hallways and exhibits of Modern masterpieces, some of which were created by locals.

Where: 701 11th Street SW, Calgary


Pack up a picnic and spend an afternoon on the grass at St.Patrick’s Island or lace up some comfortable walking shoes and stroll the East Village Riverwalk. During the day, on either side of the Bow, you can see the river and city architecture, and at night, you can see the lights on the water. Also, it’s only minutes from Village Ice Cream, so…

Where: 1300 Zoo Road, Calgary


Tom Campbell’s Hill is one of the most breathtaking spots in Calgary to catch a sunset. Overlooking the bow and the skyline, take a seat on the many benches, and take in the view. You might even catch some wildlife! It doesn’t really get more stereotypically romantic than a sunset, does it?

Where: 25 St. George’s Dr. NE, Calgary


Bridgette Bar is a Calgary favourite, landing itself of the list of both the best and most romantic restaurants in Canada more than once. Seriously, everything about this place screams, “date spot.” You wouldn’t argue with the pros at Open Table or ‘Canada’s Best’, would you?

Where: 739 10 Ave SW, Calgary


Dates can be nerve-wracking and a good conversation can be tough to get going. At Untitled, their menu is both a liquid courage roadmap and a talking point. The drinks here are insane, the ambiance is incredible, and despite their boujee decor, the atmosphere is actually pretty casual.

Where: 104, 620 8th Ave SW

There you have it, lovers! Our picks for most romantic summer date spots in Calgary! Now all you need to do is pick an outfit. Good luck out there!