Netflix considering Sundre for new fictional series, Pipe Nation

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At this point, if you can film it, Netflix will put it on their platform! The streaming service hit-making machine is at it again, folks, but this time their team is mighty close to home. Producers of Pipe Nation, an up and coming drama are looking to sprinkle some Hollywood magic over the town of Sundre, and casting saw over 200 people!

As we understand it, the series will follow a single mother in the energy industry as well as the lives of other fellow pipeline workers in a beautiful little mountain town. If chosen to be their rural backdrop, Sundre could not only see their town on the screen, they could see a massive boost in their economy as well – which would be awesome. Especially now.

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Alberta is typically a bit of a hot-spot for movies and shows similar to this one, but due to COVID, many are worried that we’ll see a bit of a dry spell. This rough patch could have a dire effect on the future of those working in film and tv here, so we could definitely use the win. Consider our fingers crossed!

Also, because, people either love or hate the world of oil and gas, it actually might be interesting to see the polarizing industry played out on TV. All in all, we think that this is great – despite how we feel about the painfully cheesy title, Pipe Nation, we really do hope that they decide to use us as their stage. We welcome you with open arms Netflix!

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