Shopping is even more fun when you can get great styles without a hefty price tag. We know, we know, that sounds impossible. But at Toronto’s many vintage stores, that dream is a reality. Whether you’re in the mood for an afternoon of sorting through stacks of product or want a more personally-tailored day, these vintage shops have exactly when you need. You’ll find incredible pieces from back in the day, and all at prices that your bank account will thank you for.

Here are 10 of our favourite vintage shops in Toronto.


vintage shops

Of course, we’ve gotta start with Toronto’s most well-known vintage shop. When you stop by Black Market you’ll find loads of cool clothing, accessories, and more. Be sure to check out their music section that’s packed with old records to sort through.

Where: 347 Queen St W



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This spot is known for its chic 90s style. You can find incredible picks like cropped jackets, blazers, and leather pants when you shop here. Plus, during COVID-19 they’re offering delivery! Just shoot them a DM on Instagram to learn more.

Where: 1267 Bloor St W


vintage shops

As far as vintage shops go, this one is on the boujier side of things. You can shop online for great deals or book an appointment to shop in person with one of their talented stylists. Pick out all your favourite vintage styles and leave the place looking (and feeling) better than ever before.

Where: 1573 Dundas St W


vintage shops
Calling all the stylish boys reading this. This vintage shop pick is tailored made for you. They’ve got a great collection of gentlemen’s wear that’s perfect for any occasion. Stop by next time you’re in need of a snazzy suit and tie.

Where: 71 Duncan St


vintage shops

Don’t confuse this place with the popular dairy product brand, Black Diamond on Queen is anything but cheesy. You’ll be met with Earthy vibes and chic 70s and 80s attire when you shop at this groovy vintage oasis. Plus, they’ve got worldwide shipping on their online products. So if you can’t stop by in person check them out on Instagram!

Where: 1614 Queen St W


vintage shops

This is the vintage shop that’s got more of a cool, sporty vibe. You can find old school jerseys, band tees, and things of that nature when you stop by here. Check them out in person or online with curbside pickup!

Where: 1580 Queen St W


vintage shops

Known for their boutique style and feel, head to Chosen Vintage for gorgeous, dainty picks. You’ll feel like frolicking through a field of sunflowers and re-enacting your favourite scene from a Jane Austen novel with the clothes you’ll find here. Plus, they’ve got other neat finds like perfumes, oils, and accessories.

Where: 1599 Dundas St W


vintage shops

Whether you’re looking to buy some new pieces or sell some old, Common Sort has got you covered. Their inventory is on a seasonal calendar, with new items being cycled in and out all the time. They’re perfect for all kinds of styles, with a focus on simple, boho-chic.

Where: Find your nearest location here.

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vintage shops

Don’t let the name fool you, this place did not come to play. As one of the leading vintage boutiques in Toronto, you know you’re in for style and quality when you shop here. All their pieces are selected for their design and craftsmanship. Plus, they have an in-house seamstress who ensures every garment is in tip-top shape.

Where: 1177 Dundas St W


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You knew we couldn’t go the whole list without mentioning at least one of the iconic Kensington Market vintage stores. Courage My Love has been in the city since 1975, and since then they’ve been a top choice for old school finds. Stop by to get your hands on shoes, earrings, hats, and more.

Where: 14 Kensington Ave

Happy shopping, everyone! Let us know which of these vintage shops is your favourite in the comments below!