Remember last year when the Raptors took home the NBA Championship title? That was a silly question, you could never forget. The excitement in the air, the people flooding out to the streets to celebrate. It really was one of the most amazing moments this city has seen. Well, obviously this year’s a little different. We can’t crowd the streets for any reason. It just wouldn’t be safe. But that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the Raptors. These amazing spots are the perfect place to do it.

Here are 10 of the best places to catch a Raptors playoff game.


Raptors playoffs

This spot is the ultimate sports viewing location. It’s the closest we can get these days to being in the actual stadium live. All you’ve gotta do is get your tickets online, then drive-in with your social distance bubble to enjoy the Raptors on the big screen. You can order snacks and drinks right to your car. Plus, the vibe here is incredible.

Where: Ontario Place, 955 Lakeshore Blvd


raptors playoffs

This sports viewing venue is probably the most exclusive in the city. You’ll need to be a member to enjoy a game here, but if you’re a fan it’s definitely worth it. They’re airing every game in their 32,000 square foot building with massive TV screens and LED projections you can enjoy from all angles.

Where: 15 Saskatchewan Rd


raptors playoffs

This bar may be baseball themed, but we promise they do basketball just as well. Join them on their patio for a delicious brew while you watch. Plus, the menu is full of ballpark favourites that’ll make your tastebuds feel like you’re actually at the stadium. We’ll take wings with a side of chilli fries, please!

Where: 484 Front St E


raptors playoffs
This old time-y style bar is known for their craft beer and arcade games. But now they’ve revamped their vibe to include the Raptors! You can choose from their extensive beer list while you chow down on pizza and enjoy the game. Sadly though, the arcade games are closed cause of COVID-19 (boo).

Where: 1181 Dundas St W


raptors playoffs

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a Raptors game next to incredible views of the water and city skyline? Trick question. It’s no one. Head down to Toronto’s favourite poolside bar to catch the game on their massive big screen. Plus, they’ve got some pretty stellar cocktails to try while you’re there. Cheers!

Where: 11 Polson St


raptors playoffs

This spot has a rooftop patio AND loads of brews on tap. That’s the perfect combination! They’ve moved some screens outside so you can catch a Raps game there. Or there are a few tables indoors available as well. Just be sure to book a reservation ahead of time!

Where: 100 King St W


raptors playoffs

The vibe at this spot is perfect for a Raptors viewing. On top of their multiple indoor TV screens, they’ve also just opened a brand new patio! The food on the menu is perfect for that stadium feel. Ya know burgers, nachos, wings, the works. Plus, they’ve got loads of brews and “Hall of Fame Cocktails” available.

Where: 817 Queen St W


raptors patio

This entire restaurant is pretty much patio space, so you can feel as safe as possible while you’re here. Once you’re comfy, we recommend ordering a bunch of starters for the table and settling in for the game. They have loads of TVs hanging around the place. Plus, the wooden floors and hanging lights give it an outdoor, rustic vibe.

Where: 142 Cumberland St

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The Northern Maverick is a classic spot for sports viewing in Toronto. Which makes it perfect for the Raptors playoffs! We’re sure many of you were here last year when we took home the iconic championship title. So re-live that vibe and root for round two at this delicious spot.

Where: 115 Bathurst St


raptors playoffs

This place is named after an iconic sports legend, so you already know that they’ll be a prime spot to hit for playoffs of any kind. So now that it’s the Raptors time to shine, stop by here to enjoy it! Their rooftop patio has all the best vibes in the city. Plus, a pretty incredible drink menu to match.

Where: 99 Blue Jays Way

Go Raps Go! We’ll see you cheering at all these amazing spots.