It was only weeks ago that we genuinely believed we’d seen the worst of this year’s winter. Heck, we were about to put our winter jacket away, but clearly, Mother Nature had other plans for us. We feel something brewing, folks – and that can only mean one thing. Tonight, we’re ordering some comfort food! Cozy in, dial-up and tune out over a warm bowl of the good stuff – here are 10 of the very best ramen places in Calgary!

Wakado Ramen Bar

Ramen Calgary
Photo Via @WakadoRaen / Instagram

Not only does Wakado have unreal ramen, but they’ve also got great service and that’s a win-win in our eyes. This tiny Beltline spot has gained quite the rep for incredibly tasty dishes and friendly staff, and honestly, they’re pretty hard to beat.

Where: 907 10 Ave SW, Calgary
Service: Skip the Dishes, Door Dash, UberEats
Instagram: @WakadoRamen


Ramen Calgary
Photo Via Oishidesu Ramen / Facebook

Oishidesu Ramen is another no BS ramen bar. Made with fresh ingredients and love, a bowl of the good stuff is served with a smile and a ton of passion for Japanese food. Pick up or delivery, you will not be disappointed after checking this place out.

Where: 12445 Lake Fraser Dr. SE, Calgary
Service: Skip the Dishes
Facebook:  Oishidesu Avenida


Ramen Calgary
Photo Via @JinyaRamenBar / Instagram

If you know, you know. Jinya goes above and beyond when it comes to literally every dish on their menu – but they’ve got especially hard on their ramen. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until they reopen in-person to enjoy that sweet, sweet bottomless bowl or all-you-can-eat noodles. But if you order for takeout/delivery, add some extra noodles or a second bowl and you’re rolling.

Where: 1800 4 St SW #180, Calgary
Service: Skip the Dishes
Instagram: @JinyaRamenBar



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Now only open on Fridays and Saturdays for pick up and delivery, Gorilla Whale’s menu, which is described by them as “Japanese-Ish”, is full of surprises. One of those rattling dishes? Their ramen. They’ve taken a more contemporary approach to the dish, but man has it stayed true to its deliciousness.

Where: 1214 9th Ave SE, Calgary
Service: Open Table Takeout
Instagram: @GorillaWhaleYYC

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Ramen Calgary
Photo Via Shiki Menya / Facebook

As ramen and the world continues to evolve, Shiki Menya changes right with it. Split up into traditional bowls and “new school” bowls, this tasty spot is delicious and inventive. Name another place that sells their own DIY ramen kit? All in all, if you’re craving something that might pack a little more of a punch this isn’t a bad place to start.

Where: 827 1 Ave NE, Calgary
Service: Skip the Dishes and Door Dash
Instagram: @ShikiMenya

Shimizu Kitchen

Ramen Calgary
Photo Via @ShimzuKithenYYC / Instagram

Shimzu Kitchen is a hidden gem located on the west end of 17th Avenue in Killarney. Here, they make unreal Japanese food, authentically from scratch, and trust us when we say that you can definitely taste the difference. 10/10 would recommend.

Where: 1918 37 St SW, Calgary
Service: Open for Takeaway, Call (403) 455-3380
Instagram: @ShimzuKitchenYYC


Ramen Calgary
Photo Via Muku Ramen

Since 2008, Muku has clutched the title of “Calgary’s Most Acclaimed Ramen Restaurant”, so you know we had to add them to this list. These folks are true to their craft and go above and beyond to make sure everything is perfect. From the broth to the meat, everything is spot on and tastes like absolute heaven.

Where: 326 14 St NW, Calgary
Service: Takeaway only, call (403) 283-6555


Ramen Calgary
Photo Via @RamenIchinen / Instagram

Portion control? Never heard of her. At Ichinen Ramen, every bowl full could practically feed a small village. These guys are kind of a hole in the wall, they really are a Calgary favourite. From service to their unreal ramen, everything is incredible.

Where: 3132 26 St NE #349, Calgary
Service: Door Dash
Instagram: @RamenIchinen


Ramen Calgary
Photo Via Tekkotsu Ramen

We’ll just cut right to it. Tekkotsu is low-key one of the best ramen places in the entire city, forks down. Located in Calgary’s southeast, these guys are the poster child for ‘hidden gem restaurant.’ Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself!

Where: 1704 61 St SE #4, Calgary
Service: Skip the Dishes
Facebook: Tekkotsu Ya


Ramen Calgary
Photo Via @ffkae / Unsplash

Shibuya is all about food, sake, and friends. Unfortunately, you can only order two of those three things off their Skip listing. Everything is made with quality ingredients and man is their menu extensive. Maybe take a peek at this bad boy an hour or so before going in for the kill. It’s worth it, but it’ll take some time to sift through!

Where: 449 16 Avenue NE
Service: Skip the Dishes
Instagram: @ShibuyaIzakiyaCalgary

So there you have it, 10 of the best ramen places in the city. If you’re anything like us you’ve been thinking about what you’ll be having for dinner since yesterday, after dinner. Perhaps you have your answer. Happy slurping, Calgary.