Well, it’s been a Vancouver summer unlike any other, that’s for sure. Heck, worldwide it’s been a summer unlike any other. Luckily, that doesn’t mean that you have to stay cooped up 24/7. Enjoy the last few weeks before the fall with some great ways to spend the day, no matter what you’re feeling.

Here are 10 great things to do before summer ends in Vancouver.

Check out Vancouver Mural Fest

i ate a whole raccoon

The Vancouver Mural Fest is one of those rare concepts that can still be fun while social distancing. And while no block party this year is a bummer, we’re happy to see that the number of murals going up has doubled to 60. Things kick off tomorrow, but it’s easy to take a tour of existing pieces today!

Watch a sunset

cypress mountain viewpoints in vancouver

Some of the sunsets this summer have been absolutely stunning. And while you still have the chance, you should enjoy one from one of the many amazing viewpoints around the city. Come on, there are very few cities in the world where you can go from the beach to a mountain in 30 minutes. It’s like we’re cheating!

Have an outdoor beer

vancouver art gallery public plazas

A new pilot project in Vancouver has allowed the consumption of alcohol at four public plazas around the city. Wanna pretend like you’re vacationing in Europe for a day? Cap off an afternoon shopping or at the park with a cold one in Mt. Pleasant or downtown.

Have a picnic!

romantic vancouver dates

From local beaches to public parks, Vancouver’s picnic scene is second to none. If you just want to relax one weekend and take in the gorgeous weather, there’s no better way to do it than with a picnic. Plus, you’ve got more readymade options this year, from Granville Island Market packages to restaurant quality cuisine in Stanley Park.

Patio Hop

patios vancouver

It has without a doubt been the summer of the patio in Vancouver. In fact, click the link above to check ut over 360 temporary patios that have been approved so far. Or, you can learn about Dine Out Vancouver’s new summer festival and our guide to waterfront patios. As we said, it’s the summer of the patio!

Visit a local attraction

pne playland night

Pretty much all of Vancouver’s attractions have reopened under new guidelines. Our top pick? Playland at the PNE, which is really the only attraction in the city that can be experienced in the summer. Plus, they’ve now reopened their major thrill rides.

Go for a bike ride

stanley park seawall summer vancouver

This has been the summer for cycling, there’s no doubt about it. Click the link above to check out our top picks for where to get a bike in Vancouver. Already got that part covered? Well then, click here to catch the last few days of the new ‘BIKEnnale‘ art tour, which is on until the end of August.

Stay cool in a pool

public pools kitsilano

Did you know that Vancouver has five outdoor pools in the city? Us neither, so if you don’t want to freeze in the ocean you can just hit one of them up instead. Our top pick? Definitely Kitsilano. Just remember to book a time in advance! You don’t want to show up to a full pool.

Eat some ice cream

earnest ice cream vancouver

Have you taken the time yet to try out all the best places for ice cream in Vancouver? No? Hoo boy, are you missing out. Thank goodness we made a guide to the best places, from ice cream tacos to vegan treats. And now, you’ll know exactly where to go next time you get a craving.

Hit the Beach

ambleside beach

Of course, we’re going to cap things off with an absolutely classic summer activity. But, we’re going to warn you that some Vancouver beaches have been more respectful of social distancing than others (cough Wreck and Third Beach cough). So stay safe while you enjoy these final sunny days!

And that’s our guide for your Vancouver summer bucket list activities, folks! Now get out there and soak it all up, you didn’t weather the rain and snow to be a bump on a log during the summer, did you?