Vancouver Biennale unveils ‘BIKEnnale’ event for the city

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For six weeks straight this summer, you can be treated to a completely new way to explore Vancouver. That’s because the Vancouver Biennale has unveiled ‘BIKEnnale’, a weekly series of self-guided tours throughout the city. There’s actually quite a bit to look forward to, so let’s check it out.

The routes range from 5km all the way up to 80km and are divided into two categories. The shorter routes (5-15km) are designed for the whole family and can even be walked if you want to. Meanwhile, the Tour de BIKEnnale routes are between 20-80km, so are not considered walkable.

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Each Sunday, participants choose the route they would like to go on. The routes include historic buildings and landmarks, cultural stops, public art, and of course past Biennale installations. There are even suggestions for where to stop and grab a coffee.

Finally, you can enter weekly raffles by going on the rides! This is particularly good for bike enthusiasts since prizes range from tune-ups to coffee beans (classic) and a grab prize of a 2020 Norco bike worth over $800. Beats the rusted old 10-speed we bought off Kijiji, that’s for sure.

Registration for the BIKEnnale requires a minimum $5 donation towards the Biennale’s public art program. If you feel like supporting public art in Vancouver, then this is a great way to do it.

Vancouver Biennale’s ‘BIKEnnale’

When: Sundays weekly, July 26th to August 30th
Where: Routes around Vancouver

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